United States Statutes at Large/Volume 3/16th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 99

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 3
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Sixteenth Congress, 1st Session, Chapter 99

May 13, 1820.
Chap. XCIX.—An Act to alter and establish certain post-roads.

Post-roads discontinued.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post-roads be, and the same are hereby, discontinued, that is to say:

From Lilly Point to Haleyonville, in Virginia.

From Dublin to Jacksonville, in Georgia.

From Westport to Brunerstown, in Kentucky.

From Whitfield to Jefferson, in Maine.

From Chickasaw Agency to St. Stephens, in Mississippi.

From Choctaw Agency to Monticello; and from Natchez to Lake Pontchartrain, in the same state.

From Rhea Courthouse, Tennessee, to Fort Jackson, in Alabama.

From Haysville to Oxford, in North Carolina.

From Walterborough to Barnwell Courthouse, in South Carolina.

From St. Charles, by Montgomery Courthouse, to Howard Courthouse.

From Franklin, Howard county, to Chariton.

From St. Charles, by Murphey’s in St. John’s settlement, to Howard Courthouse, in the Missouri territory.

From Vassalborough to Harlem, in Maine.

Post-roads discontinued.From Alba to Palermo.

From Dunstable to Piscataguog bridge, in New Hampshire.

From Cahaba to St. Stephens.

Post-roads established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following be established post-roads, that is to say:

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—From Amherst, by Lyndborough, and Greenfield, to Hancock.

That the post-road from Keene to Richmond pass by Winchester.

From Keene, by Surry, Drewsville, and Langdon, to Charlestown.

From Dunstable, through Merrimack, by Bedford Meeting-house and Piscataguog bridge, to Isle Hookset.

Vermont.In Vermont.—From Danville to Montpelier, by Cabot, Marshfield, and Plainfield.

From Vergennes, by Panton, to Westport, in the state of New York.

From Stockbridge to Randolph.

Maine.In Maine.—From Alna, by East Pittston, to Whitfield.

From Alna to Gardiner.

From Sedgwick to Deer Island.

From Ellsworth, by Jordon’s River School-house, in Trenton, to the towns of Eden and Mount Desert.

From Waldoborough, by Union, Hope, Searsmont, and Belmont, to Belfast.

From Gardiner, by Pittston, Whitfield, Malta, and Jefferson, to Waldoborough.

From New Portland, by Kingfield, to Freeman.

From Hallowell, by Malta, to Harlem.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Springfield, by Wilbraham, to Stafford Springs, in Connecticut.

From Sandwick, by Coatuit village, in West Barnstable, Thomas d. Scudder’s, Yarmouth, and Dennis, to Harwick, on the south side of Cape Cod.

From Gloucester, by Essex, to Ipswich.

From Hanover, by Hanson, to East Bridgewater.

From Northfield, by Vernon, to Brattleborough, in Vermont.

From Salisbury to Amesbury.

From Taunton, by Raynham, to East Bridgewater.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—From Derby, by Huntington, to Newtown.

From Woodbury, by Roxbury, to Warren.

From Hartford, by East Windsor, Ellington, Somers, Wilbraham, and Ludlow, to Belchertown, in Massachusetts.

From New Haven, by Oxford, Southbury, Woodbury, and Washington, to Warren.

From Norwick to Colchester.

New York.In New York.—From Batavia to Ridgeway.

From Windham, by Roxbury, to Stamford.

From Hopkinton to Keene.

From Mount Hope to Bloomingsburg.

From Moscow, by York, Caledonia, and Scottsville, to Rochester.

From Dover to Sharon, in Connecticut.

From Porter, by Twelve Mile creek, to Eighteen Mile creek.

From Skeneatelas, on the east side of Skeneatelas lake, by Spafford, and Scott, to Courtland village.

From Luzerne, by Edinburg to Galway.

From Newton, by Catherine, and Cayuta, to Ithica.

From Bath, by Upper Addison, Troupsburgh, Deerfield, and Elkland, to Batchelorville, in Pennsylvania.

From Constantia, by Cicero, and Salina, to Onondago.

From Reading to Dresden, on Seneca lake, thence, along the lake, by Benton, to Geneva.

Post-roads established.From Goshen, by Scotchtown, to Bloomingsburgh.

From Poughkeepsie, by New Paltz, and Bruynville, to Bloomingsburgh.

From Sullivan, by Cazenovia, and Woodstock, to De Ruyter.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—That the post route from Philadelphia to Athens, pass by Romig’s Ferry, and the mouth of Durham creek, to Easton.

From Bedford to Somerset.

From Harrisburg, by Corbert’s Mills, Jonestown, and Rohrersburg, to Hamburg.

From Catawissee, by Mifflinburg, to Nescopeck.

From Liverpool, by Mount Pleasant Mills, Freeburg, Middleburg, and New Berlin, to Mifflinburg.

From Reading, by Morgantown, to Downington.

From Emaus to Millerstown.

From White Horse, by Berlin, Connelsville, Middletown, Merritstown, Jefferson, Waynesburg, and Morrisville, to Grave Creek Flatts, in Virginia.

From Stroudsburg to Orwigsburg.

From New Hope, by Lumberville, and Erwinna, to Romig’s Ferry, near the mouth of Durham Creek.

From Kutztown, by Martstown, New Goshenhoppen, Seemanytown, Joseph Williams’, and Centre Square, to White Marsh.

Maryland.In Maryland.—From Chesapeake, by Port Deposite, to Conewingo.

From Charlotte Hall, by the Three Notched Road, to Fenwick’s tavern.

From Havre de Grace to Woodlawn.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Bath Courthouse, by M’Clintock’s, and Anthony’s creek, to Lewisburg.

From Staunton, by Greenville, and Fairfield, to Lexington.

From Shepherdstown, by Leetown, and Smithfield, to Winchester.

From West Liberty to Wellsburg.

From Lexington, by the Calf Pasture, to Faucett’s, in Bath county.

From Timber Ridge, by North river, to Moorfield.

From Petersburg, by Southerland’s Tavern, Lombardy, and Dennis’s Tavern, to Jenning’s Old Ordinary.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Williamsborough, by Lynnsville, to Clarksville, in Virginia.

From Fayetteville, by Waynesborough, to Stantonburg.

From Wadesborough, by Edward Winfield’s, Culpepper’s store, Jacob Austin’s, Charles T. Alexander’s, and Maxwell’s store, to Charlotte.

From Charlotte, by Azrai Cockburn’s, and William Taylor’s, to Wadesborough.

From Newbern, by Streets’ Bridge, Croom’s Ferry, Hookerstown, Snowhill, and Stantonburgh, to Smithfield.

From Lawrenceville, by M’Neill’s store, and Nicholas Nall’s, to Pittsborough.

From Pittsborough, by D. Moffitt’s, to Lawrenceville.

From Oxford, by Cannon and Young’s store, to Clarksville, in Virginia.

From Danville, by William Rawling’s, and Troublesome Iron Works, to Salem.

From Haysville, by Hawkins’ Mills, and Chalk Level, to Williamsborough.

South Carolina.In South Carolina.—From Columbia, by Richard Harrison’s store, to Bechamsville.

From Georgetown, by Black river, Bull creek, and Pee Dee Ferries, to Conwayborough.

From Conwayborough, by Little river, and Smithville, to Wilmington, in North Carolina.

Post-roads established.From Chester Courthouse, by Cedar Shoals, and M’Donald’s Ferry, to Lancaster Courthouse.

From John Thompson, junr’s, by Richard Howard’s, to Godfrey’s Ferry, on Big Pee Dee river, or near the same.

That the mail from Lumberton, to Marion Courthouse, pass by the most eligible route, omitting Barfield’s if necessary.

Georgia.In Georgia.—From Hartford, by Jacksonville, to Perry’s Mills, in Tatnal county.

That the mail route from Augusta to Savannah shall pass by Waynesborough.

From Powelton, by Mount Zion and Eatonton, to Monticello.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From Coshocton to Wooster.

From Neville to Bethel.

That the mail from Marietta to Woodfield, go by Reguier’s Mills, in the town of Aurelius.

From Feestown, by Bethel, Williamsburg, Lebanon, and Ridgeville, to Dayton.

From Lebanon, by Springsborough and Ridgeville, to Xenia.

From West Union, by Decatur, Ripley, Bridgewater, Bethel, and Newtown, to Cincinnati.

From Greenville to Winchester, in Indiana.

From Irville to Mount Vernon.

From Piketon, by Robert Bennett’s and Asa Boynton’s, to Burlington, on the north side of the Ohio river.

From Norwalk, in the county of Huron, to Lower Sandusky, in the state of Ohio.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Falmouth, by Theobald’s, to Fredericksburg.

From Whitley Courthouse, by Col Ross’s, to Monticello.

That the post-road from Mount Sterling to Prestonburg, pass by the Olympian Springs, and Beaver Iron Works, in Bath county.

That the post-road from the Great Crossings to the mouth of Cedar, pass by Hesslersville, in Owen county.

From Richmond to Estill Courthouse.

From Smithland, by America, in Illinois, to Cypress, in Kentucky.

From Richmond, by Big Hill, to Hazle Patch.

From Estill Courthouse, to Patrick’s Salt Works, on the north fork of Kentucky river.

From Newcastle, by Westport, and Bethlehem, to Charlestown in Indiana.

From Stamping Grounds to Heslersville.

From Frankford, by Heslersville, to Port William.

From Shelbyville to New Castle.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Knoxville, by Morgan Courthouse, to Overton Courthouse.

From Morgantown, by Pumpkintown, by the town of Calhoun, to Ross’s, on the south side of Tennessee river.

From Murfreesborough to Shelbyville.

From Carthage, by Lancaster, and Harmony Grove, to Statesville.

From Kingston, by William White’s on Popular Creek, to Clinton.

From Monroe, by Gainesborough, Williamsburg, and Beech Hill, to Carthage.

From Reynoldsburg to the Lower Chickasaw Bluffs.

From Nashville, by Harpeth, and New Hope, to Fayetteville.

From Greenville to Greenville College, in the county of Greene.

From Sparta, by Allen’s Ferry, and Liberty, to Statesville.

From Chickasaw Lower Bluff to the post of Arkansas.

Indiana.In Indiana.—From Palestine, by Hindostan, to Portersville.

From Madison to Versailles.

From Lawrenceburg, by Aurora, Hanover, and Rising Sun to Vevay.

Illinois.In Illinois.—From Kaskaskias, by the Irish Settlement, Covington, Carlisle, and Perrysville, to Vandalia.

From Illinois Saline, in Gallatin, to Golconda.

From York by Aurora, by Terre Haute.

From Montgomery, by Brownsville, and Gill’s Ferry, to Jackson, in Missouri territory.

The mail from Cape Girardeau to Salem, Kentucky, shall pass by America.

From Carmi, by Mount Vernon, to Carlisle.

From Carmi to Wayne Courthouse and Jefferson Courthouse.

From Palmyra, by Wayne Courthouse, Jefferson Courthouse, and Covington, to Belleville.

From America to Jonesborough.

Mississippi.In Mississippi.—From Natchez, by Franklin, Monticello, Covington, Wayne, and Winchester, to Fort St. Stephens.

From Fordsville to Shieldsborough.

Alabama.In Alabama.—From Tuscaloosa, by Marion County Courthouse, to Columbus.

From Burnt Corn Spring, by Conecuh Courthouse, to Fort Crawford.

From Huntsville, by Jackson Courthouse, by Lawrie’s Ferry, to Ross’s and Washington, in Tennessee.

From Cahawba, by Portland, Canton, Prairie Bluff, Black’s Bluff, and Foster’s, to Fort Claiborne.

From Mooresville, by Milton’s Bluff, Courtland, Bainbridge, and Big Spring, to Russellville, in Franklin county.

From Cahawba, by Joseph Britton’s, Old Town, Falls of Cahawba, King and Smith’s store, Shelby Courthouse, David M’Laughlin’s, St. Clair Courthouse, Vincent Bennett’s, the Cherokee Nation, by Ross’s and James Patterson’s, to Washington, in Tennessee.

From the town of Cahawba to the falls of Cahawba, and to Tuscaloosa.

From Courtland to Moulton.

From St. Clair Courthouse to Carolsville.

Missouri.In Missouri Territory.—From New Madrid to Point Pleasant.

From Louisiana, by Hannibal, to Palmyra.

From Louisiana to New London.

That the post-road from Cape Girardeau to Winchester pass by Edward Tanner’s.

From St. Charles, by Marthasville, Montgomery Courthouse, Loutre Island, Cote Sans Dessein, Nashville, Smithton, John Grayum’s, Franklin, Spanish Needle Prairie, Chareton, William W. Monroe’s, Grand River, Bloomfield, Missouriton, and Bluffton, to Fort Osage.

From Fort Osage, by Mount Vernon, Tabbo, Little Osage Bottom, and Jefferson, to Chareton.

Michigan.In Michigan Territory.—From Detroit, by Pontiac, to Mount Clemens.

Approved, May 13, 1820.