United States Statutes at Large/Volume 3/17th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 127

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 3
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Seventeenth Congress, 1st Session, Chapter 127

May 8, 1822.
Chap. CXXVII.—An Act to establish certain post-roads, and to discontinue others, and for other purposes.

Mail-routes discontinued.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following mail-routes be discontinued; that is to say:

Vermont.In Vermont.—From Lynden to Wheelock, in the county of Caledonia.

New York.In New York.—From Utica, by Clinton, Chandler’s store, Augusta, and Madison, to Hamilton Village.

From Chitteningo, alias Sullivan, to Madison; and that part of the route from Leicester to Olean, which is situated between Oil Creek and Olean.

New Jersey.In New Jersey.—From Liberty Corner to Somerville.

Maryland.In Maryland.—From Annapolis to Kent Island, and from thence, through Queenstown, to Centreville.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—From Uniontown, by Middletown, to Perryopolis.

From Londontown to Messenburg.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Brown’s store to Dickinson’s store, in Franklin county.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Haysville to Williamsborough.

From Winton, by Gale’s Courthouse, to Sunbury.

From Waynesville, in North Carolina, to Houstonville, in South Carolina.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Ross’s post-office, Whitby county, to Monticello, in Wayne county.

From Manchester to the Hazelpatch, and from thence to Columbia.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From the mouth of Little Scioto to Piketon.

Arkansas.In Arkansas.—From Clark Courthouse to Hempstead Courthouse, and to the post of Washita.

Post-roads established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following post-roads be established; to wit:

Post-roads established.
In Maine.—From Hallowell, by Silas Piper’s, in Harlem, Jonathan Greely’s, at the Four Corners in Palermo, to Montville.

Vermont.In Vermont.—From Poultney, through Middletown, Tinmouth, and Willingford, to Mount Holly, in the county of Rutland.

From Montpelier, through Barre, Orange, and Topsham, to Newbury.

From Lynden, through Sutton, to Barton, in the county of Orleans.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Plymouth to Carver and Rochester.

From Holmes’s Hole, in Tisbury, to Chilmark, in the island called Martha’s Vineyard.

From Mendon, through Milford, Holiston, Sherburne, Natick, Needham, Newton, and Brighton, over the Mildam, to Boston.

From Milbury, in Worcester county, to the town of Providence, in Rhode Island, to pass through the towns of Sutton and Douglass, in Masschusetts, and the town of Burrellville and village of Chepackett, in Rhode Island.

From Belchertown, by Enfield, to Greenwich.

From Worcester to Providence, in Rhode Island, passing through Grafton, Upton, Mendon, Bellingham, Cumberland, and Pawtucket.

From Amesbury to Southampton, in New Hampshire, and thence to Kingston.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—That the post-road from Hartford to New London, shall be by the Presbyterian meeting house, in the first society in the town of Hebron.

From New London, along the new turnpike road, to the town of Providence, in Rhode Island.

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—The post-road from Walpole to Newport shall be through the town of Langdon.

New York.In New York.—From Deposit to Stockport, in Pennsylvania.

From Jay to Danville, thence, down the Ausable river, by Bullen’s mills, to Keesville, in the town of Chesterfield.

From Schenectady, by Charlton, Galway, Providence, and Northampton, to Edinburgh, and from Edinburgh, back by Northampton, West Galway Church, and Glenville, to Schenectady.

From the Post-office in Luzerne, on the west side of the Hudson river, to the Post-office in Chester.

From Green, in the county of Chenango, to Ithaca, in Tompkins county.

From Cherry Valley, in the county of Otsego, to the village of Canajoharie, in the county of Montgomery.

From Champion, in the county of Jefferson, to Alexandria, by Felt’s mills, Le Raysville, Evan’s mills, Theresa, and Plessis.

From the village of Canandaigua to the village of Penn Yan, in the county of Ontario.

From Batavia, by the village of Lockport, to intersect the ridge road at William Molyneaux’s, in the town of Cambia.

From Howard, in the county of Steuben, by Rathbun’s settlement and Loon Lake settlement, to Conhocton.

From Bath to Catherine’s, by Mount Washington and Bartle’s mills, and, returning, by Mead’s creek, to the mouth of Mud creek.

From South Danville to Goff’s mills.

From Champlain to the town of Moores, thence, by Lawrence’s mill’s, and Beekmantown, to Plattsburg.

From Ithaca to Burdett, near the head of Seneca lake.

From Poughkeepsie, by Pleasant Valley, Salt Point, James Thorn’s in Clinton Friends’ meeting house in Stanford, the Federal store, and from thence to the Pine Plains’ Post-office, in the town of North East.

Post-roads established.From Moscow, in Livingston county, to the village of Fredonia, in Chatauque county.

From Cincinnatus, through Willet and Freetown, to Harrison.

From Canastota, at Perkins’s Basin, on the Great Erie canal, through Lenox, Clarkville, Perryville, Peterborough, and Morrisville, to Eaton.

The mail-route from Bath, by Angelica, Hamilton, Cerestown, Pennsylvania, Coudersport, and Jersey Shore, to Williamsport, shall pass by Smithport, in M’Kean county, Pennsylvania, either in going or returning.

From Esperance to Middleburg, by the way of Schoharie, in Schoharie county.

New Jersey.In New Jersey.—From Liberty Corner, by Pluckemin, to Somerville.

From Somerville, by New Germantown, through Paipack Valley, to Mandham and Morristown.

From Hackensack, in the county of Bergen, by Patterson’s landing and Belleville, to Newark, in Essex county.

From Beasley’s, at the mouth of Great Egg Harbour river, by Etna Furnace, on Tuckahoe river, Cumberland Furnace, Malligo, Glasborough, and Woodbury, to Philadelphia.

From Princeton, by Harlingen, to Flagtown.

Maryland.In Maryland.—From Hagerstown, by Mercersburg, to M’Connelsburg, in Pennsylvania.

From Annapolis, by Baltimore, to Queenstown, and from thence to Centreville and Kent Island.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—From Philadelphia, by the Falls of Schuylkill, to Norristown.

From Swamp churches, in Montgomery county, by Boyerstown, to Reading.

From Doylestown, by Sorrel Horse, Bustleton and Byberry, to Andalusia, and to return by the Buck Tavern and Hartville, to Doylestown.

From Easton, Northampton county, to Hellerstown, Quakertown, and Bursonsville, Bucks county.

From Emaus, by Millerstown, to Trexlerstown, in Lehigh county.

From Chambersburg to Waynesburg, by Samuel Fisher’s store, in Franklin county.

From M’Call’s Ferry, in Lancaster, to the borough of Westchester, in Chester county.

From Meadville to Salem, at the mouth of Big Conneatt, Ohio.

From the village of Blearsville, by Youngstown, to Mount Pleasant.

From Newville, in Cumberland county, to Roxbury and Strasburg, in Franklin county.

From Landisburg, in Perry county, to Waterford, in Mifflin county.

From Selinsgrove to New Berlin.

From Ebensburg to Indiana.

From Uniontown, by Connelsville, to Perryopolis.

From the city of Lancaster, through Millerstown, Washington, and Charlestown, to the borough of Columbia.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Winchester to the Berkley springs, in Morgan county.

From Lewisburg, by Huttonville, Beverly, Leadesville, Meigsville, Swamp, and Kingwood, to Morgantown.

From Salem to Botetourt, through the Bent Mountain, by Simpson’s and Thomas Goodson’s, to Boon’s, on the west fork of Little river, in Montgomery county.

From the city of Richmond, by Piping Tree, in King William county, to King and Queen Courthouse, Gloucester, Middlesex, and Matthews.

From Halifax Courthouse to Person Courthouse, North Carolina.

From Franklin Courthouse to Henry Courthouse, to go by Dickerson’s store in Franklin county.

Post-roads established.From Lynchburg, by Pittsylvania Courthouse, to Danville, and from Danville to Halifax Courthouse.

From Parkersburg to Kanawha Courthouse.

From Richmond to Chesterfield Courthouse, to go by Mechanick’s Inn, instead of the route now established.

That the route from Stanton, by Greenbrier Courthouse, and Charleston, to Catletsburg, in Kentucky, be changed, to as to go by the Sulphur Springs, on Muddy creek, in Greenbrier.

From Bath Courthouse to Alleghany Courthouse.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Haysville, in Franklin county, by Glasgow’s store and Health Seat, to Oxford, in Granville.

From Ashe Courthouse to Jordan Councils, in same county.

From Stokesville, by Gates’ Courthouse, to Sunbury.

That the route from Fayetteville to Salisbury be changed, so as to go by Carthage, M’Neil’s, Hill’s, Skean’s Ferry, and to return by Forrest’s, Blakely, Lawrenceville, Allentown, M’Auley’s store.

From Fayetteville, by Graham’s brige, Rockingham, to Wadesborough.

From Tyson’s store to Waddle’s Ferry, Brower’s mill, Hugh Moffitt’s mill, then to Richard Kennon’s and to Haywood.

From Waynesville, Haywood Courthouse, by Lovesville, on Scott’s creek, to Franklin, in the Cherokee Purchase, and from thence to Rabun Courthouse, in Georgia.

South Carolina.In South Carolina.—From Rocky Mount to Pine Hill Post-office, to pass by Ebenezer Academy.

From Fayetteville, in North Carolina, leaving the road to Camden at or near Laurel Hill, by Cheraw, to Camden.

From Cheraw, by Society Hill and Darlington Courthouse, to intersect the great southern route at Godfrey’s ferry, on the Pedee river.

From Cheraw, by Chesterfield Courthouse, to Lancaster Courthouse.

Georgia.In Georgia.—From Lawrenceville, in Guinett county, to the Standing Peach Tree, (Fayette Courthouse.)

From Jefferson, by Coleraine, by Crawford in Florida, and to St. Augustine, and the route at present used discontinued.

From Elberton to Ruckersville, in Elbert county.

Alabama.From Huntsville, by Triana, Mooresville, Athens, Eastport, and Bainbridge, to the Big Spring.

From Cahawba by Portland, Prairie Bluff, the Standing Peach Tree, through the populous settlement on Bassett’s creek and by Clark Courthouse, to St. Stephen’s, to as to reinstate the old route from Cahawba to St. Stephen’s, and the present route from Cahawba to St Stephen’s to be discontinued.

From Ashville to Huntsville, by the way of Robertsville and Bennett’s store.

From Augusta, on the Tallapoosa, by Coosanda, passing through the settlement in the upper end of Autago county, and the settlement of Mulberry creek, in Bibb county, by the falls of Cahawba, to the town of Tuscaloosa.

Mississippi.In Mississippi.—From Winchester, by Perry Courthouse and Columbia, to Holmesville.

From Picken’s Courthouse, in Alabama, by Monroe Courthouse, the Cotton Gin Port, and the Chickasaw Agency, in the state of Mississippi, to the Chickasaw Bluffs, in the state of Tennessee.

From the Choctaaw Agency, by Jackson, to Monticello.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Campbell’s station, by Blair’s Ferry, to Pumpkintown.

From Sparta, in White county, to Pikeville, in Bledsoe county.

The post-road from Morgantown to Mount Pleasant, alias Pumpkintown, to go by Monroe Courthouse.

Post-roads established.From Greenville to the Warm Springs, in North Carolina.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Manchester, by Perry Courthouse, to Patrick Saltworks.

From Morganfield, crossing the Ohio at Francisburg, to Harmony, in Indiana.

From Monticello, by Beatty’s Saltworks, and Ross’ Post-office, to Jacksborough, in Tennessee.

From Williamsburg, in Whitby county, by Ross’ post-office, to Somerset, in Pulaski county.

From Richmond to the Hazel Patch, hereafter to go by Manchester, to Barbourville.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From Belle Fontaine, in Logan county, by Forts M’Arthur and Findlay, to the Foot of the Rapids of the Miami of the Lake.

From Columbus, by Maysville, the seat of justice of Union county, thence, through Zanesfield, to Belle Fontaine, in the county of Logan.

From Norton, in the county of Delaware, by Claredon Buayners, to the city of Sandusky.

From the mouth of Little Scioto to Portsmouth.

From Cleveland, through Newburg, Hudson, Ravenna, Palmyra, Ellsworth, Canfield, Boardman, Poland, Petersburg, and Greensburg, to Beavertown in Pennsylvania.

From Columbus to Sunbury, through Harrison and Ravenna townships.

From Columbus, by Springfield, Dayton, and Eaton; then to Indianapolis, in the state of Indiana; thence by Vandalia, in Illinois; thence to St. Louis, in Missouri.

From West Union to Cincinnati, to pass through Georgetown, the seat of justice of Brown county, instead of the present route.

From Augusta, Kentucky, by Lewis, Felicity, Chilo, Neville, Pointopolis, New Richmond, and Newtown, to Cincinnati, in Ohio.

Indiana.In Indiana.—From Terre Haute, by Clinton, the seat of justice for Parke county, and Crawfordsville, to Indianapolis.

From Washington, by Burlington, and Blooming, to Indianapolis.

From Lawrenceburg, by Napoleon, to Indianapolis.

Illinois.In Illinois.—From Vincennes, in Indiana, by Ellison’s Prairie, Palestine, York, Aurora, Grand Prairie, in Clark county, to Clinton.

From Shawneetown, by Bellgrade, to America.

From Peoria, on Illinois river, to Sangama county.

From Edwardsville to Sangama Courthouse.

Missouri.In Missouri.—From St. Genevieve, by Herculaneum, to St. Louis.

From Herculaneum to Potosi.

From Jackson to Fredericktown.

From Potosi to New Bowling Green.

From St. Charles to Cote Sans Dessein, shall hereafter go by the seat of justice for Calloway county.

From Fishing river to Fort Osage, shall hereafter pass by the seat of justice in Clay county.

Arkansas.In Arkansas.—From the post of Arkansas, by Little Rock, Crystall Hill, Cadron and Ellis’s, to Crawford Courthouse.

From Little Rock, by Clark Courthouse, to Natchitoches.

From Clark Courthouse, by Hempstead Courthouse, to Miller Courthouse.

Louisiana.In Louisiana.—From Natchez to Baton Rouge, by Woodville and Jackson.

From Pinkneyville, Mississippi, by Avoyelles, to Alexandria in Louisiana.

From Baton Rouge, by Bayou Placquemine and Duplesses’s Landing in the Attacapas, to Opelousa Courthouse.

From New Orleans to Pensacola.

Florida.In Florida.—From Pensacola to St. Marks, thence to Vollusia at Dexter’s, on St. John’s river, thence down the river to Picolatta, thence to St. Augustine.

From Pensacola to Fort Hawkins, in Alabama.

Allowance to the postmaster at Salem, Mass.Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster General may allow to the postmaster at Salem, Massachusetts, at the rate of two hundred dollars a year, in addition to his ordinary commissions.

Approved, May 8, 1822.