United States Statutes at Large/Volume 3/17th Congress/2nd Session/Chapter 33

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 3
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Seventeenth Congress, 2nd Session, Chapter 33

March 3, 1823.
Chap. XXXIII.—An Act to discontinue certain post-roads and to establish others.

Post-roads discontinued.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post-routes be discontinued, to wit:

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Monson to Palmer.

From Brimfield to Sturbridge.

Post-roads established.
Rhode Island.
In Rhode Island.—From Providence to Chepachet, in Glocester.

In Pennsylvania.—From Greersburg, in Beaver county, through Mount Jackson, New Castle, and Mercer, to Franklin.Pennsylvania.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—So much of the route from Warrenton, North Carolina, to Edonton, [Edenton,] as lies between Halifax and Murfreesborough.

The route from Tarborough to Scotland Neck, and from Stantonsburg to Fayetteville.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Bowling Green to Corydon, in Indiana.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Lebanon to Mount Richardson.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From Chillicothe, through Wilmington, in Clinton county, and Lebanon, in Warren county, to Cincinnati.

Florida.In the Floridas.—From Pensacola to St. Marks, thence to Vollutia Dexter’s, on St. John’s river, and thence to St. Augustine.

Mail-routes established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following mail-routes shall be, and the same are hereby, established, to wit:

Maine.In Maine.—From Scowhegan Bridge, in Canaan, Somersett county, passing through Madison and Solon, to Solon post-office.

From the town of Harmony, in the county of Somersett, through Ripley, Parkman, Sangerville, Guilford, Foxcraft, and Dover, to Sebee, in the county of Penobscott.

From Belfast to Frankfort, through Swanville and Monroe, in lieu of the present route, which is hereby repealed.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Springfield through Wilbraham, Monson, Brimfield, Sturbridge, and Southbridge, to Thompson, in Connecticut, and thence through Chepachet, to Providence, in Rhode Island.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—From Spencer’s corner, in Northeast, Dutchess county, New York, by the meeting house, in Salisbury, to the post-office in North Canaan.

New Hampshire.From Hancock, through Stoddart, to Marlow.

From Crawford’s, in Nash and Sawyer’s location, to Littleton post-office.

Vermont.In Vermont.—From Poultney to Whitehall, in New York.

New York.In New York.—From Almond, by Alfred, to Independence in Allegany county.

From Wayne, Steuben county, to Trumansburgh, in Tompkins county.

From Buffaloe, in Erie, to Olean, in the county of Cataragus, passing through the towns of Hamburg, Boston, Concord, and Ellicottsville.

From Elliott’s, by Royalton, to Hartland post-office.

From the village of Greene, in Chenango county, to Cincinnatus, in Courtland county, passing through the Big Flats, in the town of Smithfield, and Livermore’s tavern, in Germantown.

From Morgansville, at the mouth of the Tonnewonta creek, in Niagara county, to Lockport.

From Potsdam, on the turnpike, by Canton, to Ogdensburgh on the mail-route from Plattsburgh, by Malone, to Ogdensburgh.

From Albany to Ranslaerville, [Rensselaerville,] through the towns of Bethlehem and Burn, to intersect the post-road from Albany to Susquehanna, by the way of the Delaware turnpike, to Milfordville.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—From the city of Lancaster, along the White Horse [House] road, to where it intersects the state road leading from West Chester to M’Call’s Ferry.

From Kimberton to the Yellow Springs.

From Greersburgh, in Beaver county, through Mount Jackson and New Castle, to Harlemburg.

From Warren, in the county of Warren, to Olean, in New York; to pass by the mouth of Great Valley and Kinkum Creeks.

Post-roads established.From Mercer, in the county of Mercer, to Franklin, in the county of Venango.

From the South Branch of Towanda creek, in Bradford county, by way of the Susquehanna and Tioga turnpike, to Elmira, in the state of New York.

From Allentown, Lehigh county, through Heidelburgh township, to Mauchchunk, in Northampton county.

New Jersey.In New Jersey.—From Flagtown to Somerville.

From Trenton, by Allentown and Crosswick, to Bordentown.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Fredericksburg, by Danielsburg, Orange Springs, and River Bank, to Orange Courthouse.

That the route from Lombardy Grove, in Mecklenburg county, do pass by Hakinton and Langley’s old store, to St. Tammany, in said county.

That the route from Richmond to King and Queen Courthouse, do pass through Walkerton and Stevensville.

From Giles’ Courthouse, by Charles Dingess’s, Samuel Park’s and Shoemate’s, the Falls of Guyandotte, to Barbersville in Cabell county.

From Boon’s, in Montgomery, to Grayson Courthouse.

From Hull’s store, in Pendleton, to the Courthouse of Pocahontas.

From New London, to Calland’s store, in Pittsylvania, to pass through Leesville, in Campbell county.

From Richmond, along the road called Le Pradt’s, by Powhatan Courthouse, to Farmsville, instead of the route now established.

From Richmond, by Chesterfield Courthouse, Mechanics’ Inn, Colesville, Wilkinsonville, Genits Bridge, Tunstilville, Cassell’s store, Amelia Courthouse, Paineville, and James Town, to Farmville, instead of the route now established.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Baltimore, Maryland, by water, to Norfolk, in Virginia, from thence, passing through Murfreesborough, Halifax, and direct to Tarborough; and from thence, through Stantonsburgh, and Waynesborough, to Fayetteville, in North Carolina.

That the route from Fayetteville to Wadesborough, be so altered as to pass from Rockingham by Snudsborough, to Wadesborough, and return by Beard’s store, Allenton, Steel’s mills, and Morris’s Store to Fayetteville.

From Salisbury to Lincolnton and Wilksborough, now established, do return to Salisbury by Sherrell’s Ford, Lincoln county, and Mrs. Stewart’s, in Iredell county.

South Carolina.In South Carolina.—From Cheraw to Coburn’s store, in North Carolina.

From Spartanburg Courthouse to York, by Hancockville, Gandy’s store, Hopewell, and Thompson’s tan-yard.

Georgia.From Monticello to Covington, Newton county, then to Henry Courthouse, then to Monroe Courthouse, and thence to Monticello.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Columbia, by Waynesborough, in Wayne county, Hardinsville, in Hardin county, Perry Courthouse, in Perry county, Lexington, in Henderson county, Carroll Courthouse, in Carroll county, and the town of Jackson, in Madison county, to Memphis, in Shelby county.

From Athens, formerly Mount Pleasant, in the county of McMin, by the way of Columbus, to the Spring place, on the Georgia road, in the Cherokee nation.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Flemingsburg to Owingsville, to go alternately by its present route and by Poplar plains, Alexander’s mills, on Licking, and thence to Owingsville, instead of the route by Anderson’s mills, on said river.

From Burksville to Knoxville, in Tennessee.

Post-roads established.From Prestonsburg, in Floyd county, to the Courthouse in Pike county.

From Perry Courthouse to Mount Pleasant, in Harlan county.

From Bowling Green to Louisville, by Woodsonville, Monfordsville, Elizabeth, and the mouth of Salt river; and that the present route from Louisville to Woodsonville be discontinued, as soon as the route now established is carried into operation.

From Hopkinsville to Eddyville, to go and return by Cadiz instead of by the Rockey Ridge [Rocky Ridge.]

Ohio.In Ohio.—That the route heretofore established from Dayton direct to Troy, shall be so changed as to go by Union, in Montgomery county, and Milton, in Miami county, and then to Troy.

That the route from Williamsburg, the seat of justice of Clermont county, to Lebanon, in Warren county, shall be so altered as to pass through the towns of Goshen, Hopkinsville, and Deerfield.

From Lancaster, through Circleville, in Pickaway county, Washington, in Fayette county, Wilimgton, in Clinton county, and Lebanon, in Warren county, to Cincinnati.

From Lebanon, in Warren county, to Hamilton, in Butler county, be continued from Indianapolis, in Indiana, to Anderson’s town, by way of William Conner’s, once in two weeks.

Illinois.In Illinois.—From Green Courthouse, by George Cadwell’s, in Morgan county, to Springfield, in Sangamo county; and from Palestine to the seat of justice in Clark county, to the seat of justice in Edgar county; and from the seat of justice in Sangamo, to Stephen Stilman’s, in Fancy Grove.

From Shawneetown to Hamilton Courthouse.

From Harrisonville, by Converse’s mill, Columbia, and Cahokia, to St. Louis, in lieu of the present route from Harrisonville to St. Louis, which is hereby discontinued.

From Carrolton, by the mouth of Apple creek, Ross’ settlement in Pike county, in Illinois, to Louisianaville, in Missouri, and from Coles’ Grove, in Pike county, to Carrolton; and the route from Alton to Louisianaville is hereby discontinued.

Alabama.In Alabama.—From Claiborne, by the Tensaw, to Blakely.

From Tuscaloosa to Columbus, by Pickins’ Courthouse, in lieu of the present route, which is hereby discontinued.

From Greensborough, by Erie, through what is called the Forks of the Tombigbee and Black Warrior rivers, by the Garden spot, to the Courthouse of Pickens’ county.

From Cahaba to Greensborough.

From St. Steven’s, by the way of Fort Stoddart, to Mobile.

From Fort Dale, by Emmett’s store, in Butler county, to Cahaba.

From Hartford, in the state of Georgia, by Early Courthouse, Attawa’s store, in Henry county, Alabama, Pike and Covington Courthouses, to Sparta, and that the route heretofore established, from Fort Hawkins, by Fort Ganes [Gaines] to Conicu Courthouse, to be discontinued.

Missouri.In Missouri.—From St. Louis, to Boonville, by Winchester, Ninian Hamilton’s, in the western parts of St. Louis county; Newport, the seat of justice from [for] Franklin county; Gasgonade, the seat of justice of Gasgonade county, the city of Jefferson, the seat of government of the state; and Marion, the seat of justice from [for] Cole county.

Michigan.In Michigan Territory.—From Detroit, by Pontiac, to the Military post at Saganaw.

Florida.In the Floridas.—From Pensacola, Preolata, on the river St. John’s, to St. Augustine, the most convenient and practicable route in the discretion of the Postmaster General.

Steamboat routes considered as post-roads.Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all waters on which steamboats regularly pass from port to port, shall be considered and established as post-roads, subject to the provisions contained in the several acts regulating the Post-office establishment.

Approved, March 3, 1823.