United States Statutes at Large/Volume 4/19th Congress/2nd Session/Chapter 37

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 4
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Nineteenth Congress, 2nd Session, Chapter 37

March 2, 1827.
Chap. XXXVII.—An Act to establish sundry post-roads.

Post-roads established.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be established as post-roads:

Maine.In Maine.—From Bangor, by Dutton, Kirkland, and Blakesburg, to Boyleston Mills. From Freeman, by New Vineyard, to Farmington. From Dixfield to Weld. From Belfast, by Knox, Freedom, and Hussey’s Mills, to Albion. From Guilford, by Abbot, and Monson, to Hashelltown. From Winthrop, by Readfield, and Bellegrade, to Waterville. From Alfred, by Shapleigh East Parish, Emery’s Mills, Shapleigh West Paris, and Milton Mills, to Lebanon, in place of the present route from Alfred to Lebanon. From Bethel, by Greenwood, to Norway. From East Machias to Cooper. From Augusta, by Waterville back meeting house, and Schowheagan Falls, to Norridgewock.

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—From Littleton to Stephen’s Ferry, in Lyman. From Meredith’s Bridge, by the Shakers’ village, to Concord. From Nashua village, in Dunstable, by Hollis, Brooklyn and Mason, to New Ipswich.

Vermont.In Vermont.—From Peacham, by Bradley’s Mills and Stevens’ Mills, in Barnet, to Stevens’ Ferry. From Montpelier, by Woodbury, to Hardwick. Brom Bishop’s Corner, Granville, New York, by Wells’ Four Corners, to Middletown, Vermont. From Rutland, by Sherburne, Bridgewater, and Woodstock, to Hartford. From Montpelier, by Worcester, Elmore, Morristown, Hyde Park, Johnson, Waterville, Bakersfield, Fuller’s Mills, and Sheldon, to Franklin. From Starkesborough, in the county of Addison, by Russel and Dyke’s Store, in Huntington, to Richmond, in the county of Chittenden. From Woodstock to Snow’s store. From Charlotte to Huntington. From Montpelier, through the western part of Berlin, Northfield, Roxbury, Braintree, the west part of Randolph, and Bethel, to Royalton, Vermont. From Irasburg to Derby. From Middlebury, by Cornwall, near the Baptist meeting-house, Post-office at Shoreham, Larrabee’s Ferry, Lower Falls, at Ticonderoga, New York, to Schroon.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From West Middlebrough to Rochester. From Cummington, by Windsor, to Dalton. From Greenfield to Leyden. From Greenwich, by Greenwich village, east part of New Salem, on the Lumber road, South Orange, Warwick, Winchester, and Swanzey, to Keene, New Hampshire. From Middleborough Four Corners, to Wareham. From Falmouth, to North Falmouth, Monument, Pocasset, to the place where the road intersects the mail-road from Wareham to Sandwich. From Northfield to Winchester, New Hampshire. From Deerfield, by Conway, Ashfield, Plainfield, to Hancock.

Rhode Island.In Rhode Island.—From Providence, by the way of Slade’s ferry, to Fall river, in (Troy), Massachusetts.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—From Middletown to Hartford, on the east side of the Connecticut river. From Litchfield, by Northfield, to Plymouth.

New York.In New York.—From Chester, by Minerva, Hoffman township, and Paradox settlement, to Ticonderoga. From Luzerne, to Glenn’s Falls. From Warren, in Phillips, to Cold Springs. From Peekskill, by Red Mills, to Carmel. From Mount Pleasant to New Castle, and thence to Bedford, Pound Ridge. From Saratoga Springs to Glenn’s Falls. From Galway, by Broad Albin and Johnstown, to Palatine. From North China, by West China, to Sardinia. From Durham to Windham. From Deruyter, by Fairchild’s store, to Linklane, to German. From Port Plain, by Cooperstown, Hartwick, Milford, Otego, Huntsville, to Binghampton. From Cooperstown to Meredith. From Skaneateles, by Gulf and Canton, to Baldwinsville. From the city of Hudson to Salisbury. From Carpenter’s Point, by Bolton’s and Forrestburg, to Monticello. From Ellisburg, by Smithville, to Sackett’s Harbour. From Mexico to Oswego Falls. From New Paltz landing, by the Hudson River road, Esopus, and Kingston’s Landing, to Kingston. From Lockport to Wright’s tavern. From Maysville, by Miner, and Clymer, to Waterford, Pennsylvania. From Burlington to Bridgewater. From Geneseo, by Portage and Pike Four Corners, to Pike. From North China, by Franklinville, to Olean. From Ellicottsville, by Otto, to Lodi. From Herimer village to Bennet’s Post-office, in German Flats. From Little Falls village, by Manheim, Centre Post-office, to Lasselsville. From Holland, by Sardinia, to Franklinville. From Covington, by York, to Geneseo, instead of the route by Moscow. From Sheldon Post-office, by Stricker’s settlement, to Fox’s settlement, in West China. From Jamestown, by Ashville, Smithville, Climer, to Erie, Pennsylvania. From Dunkirk, by Stockton Ellery, and Clark Parker, to the Lake road. From Mayville, by Magnolia, Bemus’s, Harmony, Sugar Grove, Youngsville, to the mouth of Broken Straw. From Truxton, by Apulia, Lafayette, and Onondago Hollow, to Syracuse. From Binghampton, by Stoddart’s, Rockwell’s Mills, Nanticoke creek, Lisle Post-office; thence by Whitney’s Point, and Hyde’s settlement, to the village of Binghampton. From Mechanicksville, by the Creek road, to Malta. From Syracuse, Brockway’s Corner, and Belle Isle, to Baldwinsville. From Canastota, by Ridgeville, and Bridgeport, to Cicero Four Corners. From Skaneateles, by Eldbridge, to Jordan. From Canandaigua, by Bristol to Naples. From Fayette, by Forrestville, and Villanova, to Jamestown. From Westfield to Waterford, Pennsylvania. From Fleming, by Jared Beardsley’s corner, Venice, and North Lansing, to Libertyville. From White Plain to Harrison. From Jamestown, by Cold Spring and Randolph, to Little Valley. From Sandy Hill, by Patten’s Mills, and Smith’s Furnace, to Dresden. From Canandaigua, by Bristol, Richmond, and Freeport, to Dansville. From Willet Post-office to Lisle Post-office. From Middleburg by Schoharie and Sloansville, to Canojaharie Post-office. From Elmira, by the way of M’Connel town, and Sing Sing, through Catlin, and Reading, to unite with the mail-route from Starkey to Geneva. From Goshen to Carpenter’s Point, by the way of Brookfield, Centreville and Greenville. From Ellicottsville to Warren, Pennsylvania. From Centreville to Freedom. from Angelica, by Scio, and Independence, to Harrison, Pennsylvania. From Canandaigua to Farmington. From Independence, by Canisteo, to Hornellsville.

New Jersey.In New Jersey.—From Clarkston, New York, by the Dutch Factory, P. D. Tallman’s, New Milford, the Old Bridge, and Stone Arabia, to Hackensac. From Salem, by Allowaystown, Roadstown, to Bridgetown. From Philadelphia, by Haines’ glass manufactory, Hammington, Pleasant Mills, Gloucester Furnace, Gravelly Landing, and Smithville, to Leeds’ Point. From Woodbury, by Paulsboro’, Raccoon Lower Bridge, Pedericktown, Scultown, Sharpstown, Woodstown, and Cole’s Mills, to Mullica Hill. From Philadelphia, by Mount Ephraim, Chew’s Landing, and Blackwoodtown, to Waterloo, in the county of Cape May. From Lambertsville, by Hopewell meeting house, to New Brunswick.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—The mail from Smithport, to return by N.C. Gallup’s, in Sergeant, Elihu Chadwick’s, in Shippen, T. and H Coleman’s in Gibson township, to Karthaus. From Columbus, in Luzerne, by Harvey’s Mills, J. Huff’s, and Falley’s Mills, to Kingston. From New Berlin, by Lewisburg, to Milton. From Dunnsburg, along the west branch of the Susquehannah river, to the mouth of Sinnemahoning; thence to the mouth of Bennett’s branch, up the same to the point where the road from Bellefonte to Smithport crosses it. From Pottsville, by Mifflinburg, to Berwick. From Pennsboro’, by Hughsburg, and Mount Lewis, to Cherry township. From Mansfield, in Tioga county, through Dart’s settlement, to Wellsboro’. From Buckwalter’s, in Charlestown, by F. Seltzer’s, Pottsgrove, Unionville, and Birdsboro’, to Reading. From Water street, by Birmingham, and Mount Pleasant, [to] Curwensville. From Selinsgrove to Louisburg. From Sunbury, by Libertypole and Catawissa, to Nescopeck. From Wilkesbarre, by Dallas, North Moreland, Lee’s Tavern, in Exeter, Nicholson, Abington, Buttermilk Falls, and thence to Wilkesbarre. From Lancaster, by the old Philadelphia road, to Downington. From Bald Eagle, in Lycoming, by Curtin’s Iron works, to Millsbury. From Hendricksville to Blairsville. From Reading, by Unionville, Boyerstown, Hoff’s Martztown, Kurtztown, and Princetown, to Reading, in lieu of the present route. From Pittsburg, by Findlayville, Williamsport, and Bentleysville, to Bealsville. From Berwick, by the Nob Mountain, Jerseytown, Fruitstown, and Mcewensville, to Watson Town. From Jamestown, New York, by Sugar Grove, to Union Mills. From Blairsville to Indiana. From Whitestown, by Pottersville and Newcastle, to Youngstown, Ohio. From Berlin to the Sorrel Horse, on the Somerset and Connelsville post-route. From Centreville, in Butler county, to Harlandsburg, in Mercer county. From Mercer, by New Wilmington, to New Bedford. From Pittsburg, by Kittaning, to Olean. From Mercer, by Greenville, to Parkman, Ohio. From York, by Jacob Kaufflet’s Tavern, Margaretta Furnace, to Wrightsville. From Manchester, Maryland, by Christian Herrick’s and Jefferson, to York. From Philipsburg, by Kyler’s and Clearfield town, to Gillet’s, on the route from Bellefonte to Smithport. From Bedford, by Colerain, to the Inn of Walter Slicer, in Maryland. From Paul Furman’s, by James Morgan’s and Samuel Edsall’s, to James French’s, in Well’s township. From Wyalusing to the house of Jesse Ross, in Pike township. From Downington, by West Bradford, Pennsbury, and Centreville, to Wilmington. From Reading, by Udree’s Furnace, Dale Forge, and Charlestown, to Quakertown. From Windham, in Pennsylvania, to Smithsborough, in New York. From Meadville, to Sugar Grove, in Warren county. From Lawrenceburg, by way of Foxburg, to Shippensville. From Lawrenceburg, by way of Hulinsburg, to Roseburg. From Dillesburg, by Carlisle, Sterret’s Gap, and Bloomfield, to Millerstown. From Columbia, by Marietta and Maytown, to Elizabethtown.

Delaware.In Delaware.—From St. George’s, by Delaware city, to Port Penn.

Maryland.In Maryland.—From Allen’s Fresh to the Lott. From Annapolis, by Broad Creek, to Queenstown. The post-road from Laurel, Delaware, to Easton, shall pass by Seaford. From Rockville, through Mechanicksville, to Colesville.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Lynchburg, by Ward’s Bridge, Dejernett’s, and Adam’s mills, to Abraham Rorer’s, in Pittsylvania. From Buckingham C. H., by Farmeville, to Boydton, in Mecklenburg. From Luray, by Moilam’s Gap, to Rapidann meeting house, in Madison county. From Jerusalem, by Cross Keys, to Spratley Williams’. From New Canton to New Glasgow. From Madison C. H., by Rapidann meeting-house, Moilam’s Gap, Luray, Woodstock, to Moorfield’s. From Staunton, by Bellville, Covington, to Lewisburg. From Fincastle, by New Castle, to Giles C. H. From Wellsburg to Fairview, in Ohio. From Romney, by Burlington, to the mouth of Savage river, in Maryland. From Bowling Green to Port Royal. From Lewis C. H., to Randolph C. H., Virginia. From Kanhawa C. H., by Logan C. H., to Russel C. H. From Cumberland C. H. to Warren. From Grave creek, by Dille’s Bottom, Powhatan, Sunfish, to Woodsfield, Ohio.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Morgantown, by W. M’Gimsey’s, D. Barker’s, G. Garland’s, Caney river, and Big Joy, to Ashville. From Elizabeth, on the West side of Cape Fear river, by Beatty’s Bridge, and Long Creek Bridge, on the East side of said river, to Wilmington. From Rockingham C. H. by Troublesome Iron Works, Martinsville, Greenborough, New Salem, and Ashborough, to Lawrenceville. From Charlotte, by Harris’ Ferry, to Cataba river, to Chester C. H., South Carolina.

South Carolina.In South Carolina.–From Laurel Hill, by Adamsville, Marlborough, New C. H. and Marlborough Old C. H., to Society Hill. From Edgefield C. H., by Kirksey’s Scotch Cross, Dead Falls, John Daniel’s, and C. Orr’s, to Varennes. From Columbia, by Flatt Spring, Williamson’s, and Davis Bridges, to Barnwell C. H. From Columbia, by William Brown’s Buckhead, William Jenkin’s, Fishdam Ferry, to Union C. H. From Cambridge, by Dead Falls, and Donald’s store, to Christopher Orr’s store. From Waxhaw, by the house of James Stewart, to Mount Pleasant. From Sumpterville, by the plantation of George I. M’Cauley, to Pineville. From Charleston to Augusta, by the way of Walterborough, and Barnwell C. H.

Georgia.In Georgia.—From Savannah, by Dublin and Marion; to Macon. From Athens to Danielsville. From Jacksonville, in Telfair county, to Tallahassee, Florida.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From Clarksville, by Edwardsville and Goshen, to Milford. From Painsville, in Geauga, by Kirtland Mills, Chester Cross Roads, and Bainbridge, to Aurora. From Middlebury near Portage Summit, by Springfield, Suffield, Randolph and Atwater, to Deerfield. From Thornville, in Perry county, by Somerset, and Bristol, to Logan in Hocking. From Circleville to London. From Upper Sandusky to Bellefontain. From Sandusky city, by York, Sippoo, and Melmore, to Upper Sandusky. From New Market, in Highland, by Russelsville, to Georgetown, in Brown county. From New Philadelphia, by Shanesville, Millersburg, and Danville, to Mount Vernon. From Mansfield, by Uniontown, and Orangeville, Sullivan, Huntington, Wellington, and Elyria, to the mouth of Black river. From Centreville to New Lisbon. From Zanesville, by Milford, New Market and Dover, to Athens, thence to Jackson. From Millersburg to Mansfield. From New Haven to Harrisville. From Lawrenceburg, Indiana, by Elizabethtown, William Clark’s store, H. Smith’s Mills, Jenkins’s in Morgan township, Peagdale’s Cross Roads, and Dick’s Mills, to Oxford. From New Lisbon, by Hanover, Waynesburg, Landyville, Bolivar, and Berlin, to Millersburg. From Canton, by Bolivar and Dover, to New Philadelphia. From Akron, by Clinton, Fulton, Massilon, and Bethlehem, to Bolivar. From Cadiz, by Annapolis, Moore’s Salt Works, to New Lisbon. From Berlin, by Fredericksburg, to Wooster. From Chilicothe, by Clarksburg, Duff’s Fork, and London, to Urbana. From Wheeling, by Mount Pleasant, Harrisville, Cadiz, New Philadelphia, Wooster, and the Black Swamp road, to Detroit, in lieu of the present post-route. From Portland, by Tiffin, to Upper Sandusky. From Cambridge to McConnelsville. From Coolville to Athens. From Cambridge, by Milnersville, to New Philadelphia. From Chester to Athens. From Canton by Shanesville, to Coshocton. From Mansfield to Tyro. From Jefferson to Meadville, Pennsylvania. From Xenia to Fairfield.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Columbia, by Creilsburg and Seventy-Six, to Elliot’s Cross Roads, in Cumberland. From Glasgow, by Pikesville, Hughes’, and Isaac’s, to Glasgow. From Scottsville to Franklin. That the post-road from Maysville to Georgetown, pass by L. Kindall’s, on Raven Creek. From Lexington, by Centreville, to Cynthiana. From Greenupsburg to Sandy Salt Works, in lieu of the route from Catlettsburg to Sandy Salt Works. From Mumfordsville, by Litchfield, and Hudsonville, to Hardensburg. From Owensborough, by Hartford, and Morgantown, to Bowling Green. From Elkton, by Hopper’s Tan Yard, Stewart’s Mill, W. William’s, and Sandy Lick to Bellville. From Bowling Green, by Brownsville, in Edmondson county, Litchfield, and Hardensburg, to Corydon. From Lee Courthouse, to Harlan Courthouse. From the Yellow Banks, by the narrows of Panther’s Creek, Shoemaker’s Ferry, on Green river, and Morgan’s Mill, to Greenville.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Winchester, to Bellefonte, in Alabama. From Tipton Courthouse to the Warehouse, on the Mississippi river. From Treadwell’s, on Big Creek, to Memphis. From Iron Banks, in Kentucky, by Dresden, Gibsonport, Jackson, and Bolivar, to Cotton Gin Port, in Mississippi. From Columbia, by Hurt’s Cross Roads, to Murfreesborough: thence to Lebanon. From Bowling Green, in Kentucky, by Springfield, mouth of Harpeth, to Charlotte. From Yellow Creek post-office, in Montgomery, to Reynoldsburg. From Tellico Plains, by Canasaga Valley, to Columbus, in McMinn county. From Knoxville to Tazewell. From Brownsville to Fulton. From McMinnville, in Warren county, by Davis’ Mills, to Shelbyville, in Bedford county. From White Plains, by Hillham, and Martinsville, to Tompkinsville, in Kentucky. From Winchester to Jasper. From Jonesborough, via Paperville, to Abingdon. From Greenville, by Bright Hope Furnace, and Chucky Bend, to Dandridge.

Alabama.In Alabama.—From Clayborne, by Rocky Mount, and Hawell’s Ferry, to Fort Stoddart. From Triana, by Moulton, to Russelville. From Spring Place to Ridge’s Ferry. From Moulton, by Walker Courthouse, to Tuscaloosa. From Ashville, through Coosa Valley, to Kelly’s Creek, Harpersville, and Hughs’ store, to Montevallo. From Courtland to Leighton.

Mississippi.In Mississippi.—From Covington Courthouse to Winchester. From Augusta to Ellisville, in Jones’ county. From Gallatin, in Copiah county, by Liberty, to Silliman’s, in Louisiana. From New Mexico, by Yazoo Courthouse, to Vicksburg. From Yazoo Courthouse, by Smith’s ferry, Braggsville, to Hannam’s Bluff.

Louisiana.In Louisiana.— From West Baton Rouge, along the west bank of the Mississippi, to Donaldsonville. From Baton Rouge to Opeloosa Church.

Indiana.In Indiana.—From Lawrenceburg, by Georgetown, Harrison, New Trenton, Brookville, to return by the mouth of Big Cedar, Solomon Allen’s and Cambridge, to Lawrenceburg, in place of the present route. From Indianapolis, by Greencastle, in Putnam, and Rockville, in Parke, to Newport, in Vermillion. From Princeton to Mount Carmel, Illinois. From Evansville to Mount Vernon. From Danville, by Crawfordsville, to Fountain Courthouse. From Crawfordsville, to Tippecanoe Courthouse. From Rockville, in the county of Parke, by Fountain Courthouse, to Tippecanoe Courthouse. From New Castle to Noblesville. From Elizabeth, Kentucky, by Brandenburg and Laconia, to Corydon. From Vernon, by Greensburg, to New Castle. From Crawfordsville, by Fountain Tippecanoe, Deer creek, mouth of Eel river, to fort Wayne. From Brookville, by Morven, and Columbus, to Bloomington. From Terre Haute, by Paris, to Springfield. From Terre Haute, to fort Wayne, by Montezeuma, Covington, Attica, Lafayette and Mississicwa. From New Castle to Noblesville. From Winchester, in Randolph county, to fort Wayne. From Indianapolis, on the Horse Shoe Bend, state road, to the Ohio river; thence to Elizabeth, in the state of Kentucky.

Illinois.In Illinois.—From Edwardsville to Springfield.

Missouri.In Missouri.—From Jefferson city, by Gasconade Courthouse, Massey’s Iron Works, Potosi and Farmington, to Jackson. From Fulton, by Columbia, Rockport, Booneville, Meredith, Marmaduke’s and Jones’ Salt Works, to Lexington. From Cooper Courthouse to Fulsom. From Monticello, by Covington Courthouse to St. Stephen’s, Alabama.

Michigan territory.In Michigan Territory.—From Taylor’s Village, on Stoney Creek, by Indian Village, in Shelby, to E. Andrews’. From Stoney Creek Post-office, by N. Millard’s, Gideon Gates’, to fort Gratiot.

Arkansas territory.In Arkansas Territory.—From Memphis to Little Rock.

Florida territory.In Florida Territory.—From Pensacola to Blakeley. From Pensacola to fort Crawford. From St. Mary’s, by Fernandina, and the town of St. John, to Jacksonville.

Approved, March 2, 1827.