United States Statutes at Large/Volume 45/70th Congress

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 45
Acts of the Seventieth Congress

1st SessionEdit

Public ActsEdit

  Chapter Title Date
123 Chapter CXXIII. An Act To reserve one hundred and twenty acres on the public domain for the use and benefit of the Koosharem Band of Indians residing in the vicinity of Koosharem, Utah. March 3, 1928
480 Chapter CDLXXX. An Act To authorize the President to present the distinguished flying cross to Colonel Francesco de Pinedo, Dieudonne Costes, Joseph LeBrix-Ehrenfried Gunther von Huenefeld, James C. FitzMaurice, and Hermann Koehl, May 2, 1928

2nd SessionEdit

Public ActsEdit

  Chapter Title Date
166 Chapter CLXVI. An Act To authorize the Secretary of War to transfer the control of certain land in Oregon to the Secretary of the Interior. February 9, 1929
167 Chapter CLXVII. An Act To authorize the President to award, in the name of Congress, gold medals of appropriate design to John H . Towers, Albert C. Read, Elmer F. Stone, Walter Hinton, H. C. Rodd, J. L. Breese, and Eugene Rhodes. February 9, 1929
168 Chapter CLXVIII. An Act To extend the times for commencing and completing the construction of a bridge across the Mississippi River at or near the city of Savanna, Illinois, and the city of Sabula, Iowa. February 9, 1929