About me:

Hello! My name is Ghozi Septiandri. I have 5+ years of volunteering experience in the social, literacy, and technology fields. In the spirit of post-pandemic, I joined Wikimedia Movement in late 2021 via WikiLatih Daring IX, a Wikipedia editing course for beginners from Wikimedia Indonesia.

After that, I'm active in some follow-up training/meetups including WIkidata. Then, since May 2022, I've been learning more about ESEAP, Movement Strategy, SWAN, and Hubs. I will participate more in those.

Bali, Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia, English

My Adventure (with Wikimedia Foundation)

  • Sep 2022 - Present, ESEAP Funds Committee
  • Jan 2023 - Aug 2023, Program Subcommittee, Track "Community Initiatives" (Lead) - Wikimania 2023
  • Jul 2022 - Jan 2023, Program Committee (Co-ordinator) - ESEAP Conference 2022
  • Mar 2022 - Present, Official Member - Wikimedia Indonesia
  • Nov - Dec 2021, Participant - WikiLatih Daring IX (a Wikipedia editing course for beginners)


This is my public account. I intend to use it for edits in training, endorse, public statements, etc (all with my consent). There is a possibility that I contribute to Wikimedia projects using another account(s).