[[The miscellaneous botanical works of Robert Brown/Volume 1{{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<17|| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<89|/General remarks on the botany of Terra Australis| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<96|/New and rare plants collected in Abyssinia| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<174|/Observations on the herbarium collected by Professor Christian Smith| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<179|/Plants of Baffin's Bay| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<183|/Catalogue of plants found in Spitzbergen by Captain Scoresby| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<257|/Chloris Melvilliana| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<304|/Structure and affinities of the more remarkable plants collected by the late Walter Oudney, M.D., and Major Denham, and Captain Clapperton| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<313|/General view of the botany of Swan River| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<341|/Botanical appendix to Captain Sturt's Expedition into Central Australia| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<356|/Some observations on the parts of fructification in mosses| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<367|/On some remarkable deviations from the usual structure of seeds and fruits| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<399|/An account of a new genus of plants, named Rafflesia| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<432|/On the female flower and fruit of Rafflesia Arnoldi and on Hydnora Africana| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<462|/Character and description of Kingia| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<487|/A brief account of microscopical observations made on the particles contained in the pollen of plants| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<544|/Observations on the organs and mode of fecundation in Orchideae and Asclepiadeae| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<552|/Supplementary observations on the fecundation of Orchideae and Asclepiadeae| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<564|/On the relative position of the divisions of stigma and parietal placentae in the compound ovarium of plants| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<577|/On the plurality and development of the embryos in the seeds of Coniferae| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<583|/On the origin and mode of propagation of the Gulf-weed| {{subst:#ifexpr:{{{1}}}<592|/Some account of Triplosporite, an undescribed fossil fruit|Index }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }} }}#{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]