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Concerning the invasion of Canada by the Americans
by Jean-Olivier Briand

JEAN-OLIVIER BRIAND, by the mercy of God and the grace of the Holy See, Bishop of Quebec, etc, etc, etc.

To all the peoples of this colony, salutation and benediction.

A troop of subjects revolted against their legitimate sovereign, who is also our own, has just made an irruption in this Province, less in the hope of being able to support themselves than in sight of involving you in their revolt, or at least to urge you not to oppose their pernicious intention. The singular kindness and the softness with which we were governed on behalf of His Very Gracious Majesty King George III since, by the fate of arms, we were subjected to his empire; the recent favours He has just granted us, by restoring the use of our laws, the free exercise of our religion, and in making us take part in all the privileges and advantages of British subjects, would undoubtedly be enough to excite your recognition and your zeal to support the interests of the crown of Great Britain. But even more pressing motives must speak to your heart in the present moment. Your oaths, your religion, impose you an essential obligation to defend with all your power your fatherland and your king. Thus, dear Canadians, close your ears, and do not listen to the seditious who seek to make you unhappy, and to choke in your hearts the feelings of submission to your legitimate superiors, which education and religion had engraved in them. Therefore joyfully put yourselves up to all that will be ordered by your benevolent governor, who has nothing in sight but your interests and your happiness. The issue is not to bring war to distant provinces: one only asks for your hand to push back the enemy, and to prevent the invasion which is threatening this province. The voice of religion and that of your interests find themselves united, and ensure us of your zeal to defend our borders and our possessions.

Given at Quebec, under our sign, the seal of our arms and the signature of our secretary, on May 22, 1775.

J. OL., Bishop of Quebec
By Monseigneur, F. Perrault, Priest, Secretary.

We implore the priests to do whatever is possible to excite the zeal of their parishioners, to make them understand the reasons which we merely indicated in our present mandement, and to read it before them as soon as possible.