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This bot primarily works on custom jobs in the pagespace or mainspace on works its handler is actively involved in.

Bot VitalsEdit

  • Creator/operator: Mpaa
  • Language: Python
  • Framework: Pywikibot
  • Mode: Semi-automatic
  • Operation: Intermittent - only runs under supervision from its handler.


General tasks as PSM work proceeds:

  • Categorisation of PSM main ns pages
  • Default sortkey in Category:PSM contributors
  • Generation and monitoring of redirect for PSM articles
  • Insertion of wiki-links to multipart articles in notes field of header template of articles

This bot is used also to satisfy requests at Wikisource:Bot_requests:

  • Bulk page move in Page ns and following update of "from" "to" in <pages> tag in Main ns articles
  • occasional Dated Soft Redirect maintenance
  • insertion of Volume/Contributors in CE1913
  • upload/clean-up of pages

Recurring TasksEdit