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Hi there! I'm Tom. I'm an EnWikipedian and I'm a sysop over at Wikidata [verify] (as well as testwiki [v] and testwikidata [v]). Trying to wade in here without seeming too clueless, and mostly just mimicking others to see how things are done around here... but I still may have a newbie question from time to time, so y'all will have to forgive me for that.

My current project is transcribing United States v. Windsor (index), though I'm going a bit slowly, since I'm reading the opinion as I go. :) After that, I may go through there and turn some of the redlinks blue—for one of the largest troves of public-domain material, our coverage of U.S. laws and court decisions is rather lacking. Suggestions, critiques, and trout-slappings about what I'm doing there are welcome, of course.