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Greetings, I'm Phillip M. Stewart.

I do mostly cleanup and minor edits and wikification here on the English Wikisource. (edit count) Made my first edit on 5 July 2004.

If a document here was not originally written in English, there should be an interlanguage link to the document in the original language.

This page has been vandalized: once.

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Meta has a page about this at:User:Pmsyyz
Wikimedia Commons has more media related to: User:Pmsyyz

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Wikisource language domains Edit

On splitting Wikisource up into language domains: I didn't have a strong feeling either way at the time, but I now feel it was a very good thing to do. The use of interlanguage links allows you to view it in the original language easily, and a recent changes list half full of languages that you can't read isn't very helpful.