Hi, all!

I'm mostly active on enWikipedia (me) and Commons (me)... but have begun working on a huge project here.

I speak English, French, Tyrolean German and Russian (in order of proficiency), and am actively studying Russian (and have been for 6 years now).

My English Wikipedia User page contains more information about me. Other than that, I'm a bibliophile, and own several 19th Century books that neither Wikisource nor Project Gutenberg have, one of which (as stated above) I have started transcribing (and another is planned).

I also plan on contributing audio versions of most of what I transcribe, as I have done for a number of en.wikipedia pages, but to get it right, that process is immensely laborious. (On average, a normal sized WP article takes me around 5 hours to record well (i.e. no pauses, clicks, breaths, or mistakes at all), for an audio length of between 10 and 20 minutes). That means, what you normally read in 5 minutes (assuming that reading aloud takes about twice as long as it does normally), takes about 60 times as long to record well!

Enough about me, I hope to see you around the wikis.