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Some of the things here I'm not serious about. Everyone who has read this page has found it one of the most funniest things read.


  • PHSEUDONYM (ALTER-EGO): The Drama King from Texas!
  • BIRTHDAY: May 8, Escondido, CA, USA.
  • GENDER: Male.
  • LOCATION: A small, unincorporated town in Washington County just outside of Brenham, Texas. The town is too small to reveal it's name for fear of perverts or whatever - just watch the Houston News for a half-hour and you'll know what I'm talking about.
  • NATIONALITY: Citizen of the United States of America.
  • PAST RESIDENCES: My parents were from Virginia Beach, Virginia, but sometime during my mother's pregnancy my parents and sisters moved to San Marcos, California, then when I was two, my parents, youngest older sister, me, and my infant brother moved to Houston, Texas, then a few years later we moved to a trailer in the woods in Waller County, Texas, then on Thanksgiving Day 2003, we moved to our current location. In the June of 2006 I lived in a dorm room at ETBU at Marshall, Texas, and in the August of 2006 I lived at a Days Inn in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There's a small possibility I could move somewhere as close as Bellville, Texas or as far as Madrid, Spain within the next four years.
  • ETHNICITY: European white (falsely called Caucasian)
  • HERITAGE: Scottish, English, one-eighth Welsh, Anglo-Saxon descendants around every corner, and a little more than roughly one-fourth German. I have discovered that it is been proved genetically impossible for a person with red hair not to have Irish ancestry. I could also have Polish, Native American, or God knows what else in me!
  • RELIGION: Christianity
  • DENOMINATION: The Southern Baptist Convention.
  • POLITICS: Developing, but consider myself a Republican, even though I will never know until I check out all the little parties. I also consider myself a Confederate, meaning I support the government as a Confederation. I believe all 46 of the states and 4 of the commonwealths are their own sovereign nations and have the right to govern themselves independently and solely by themselves without any interferance from Washington, D.C. I would have used Confederationalist, only Confederate sounds better.
  • LANGUAGES: American English, some Polish, a little French, even littler Spanish, and some words and sentences in Latin.
  • FAMILY IMMIGRATION: William and Mary Bartholomew from Northern England, to Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1651 onbord the Griffin.
  • COUNTRIES VISITED: The United Mexican States (Tijuana, Baja California), The State of Washington (Seattle), The Dominion of Canada (Victoria, British Columbia), The State Maine The State of New Hampshire, and The Commonwealth of Massachussetts, The State of Florida (Orlando), The State of Kansas (Dodge City), The State of Tennesee (Chattanooga), and have been to all the states in between.

Personality and TriviaEdit

  • I support the idea of Condoleeza Rice being president. However I also understand and respect her choice to refuse the presidency, but alot of things can change in a few years so I still have hopes that she may run in 2012 if not another year.
  • I've taken a test to see which one of the Friends characters I am. Apparently Monica. One of my friends laughed and said I am Monica because I'm so quirky like her. So I guess I am kinda querky.
  • I've taken a test to see which Pride and Prejudice character I am. Apparently I'm Darcy because I am taciturn and shy at first whereas I'm actually (a little too) agreeable when in the presence of close friends.
  • I support the unification of the European Union and believe it has one the best governments in the world, third only the US and Canada if you don't count the member states.
  • I am very Conservative, but also am not one of those Close-minded, southerner types. I believe in the total diversity of the American people. I am not a person who hates Democrats but embrace their's and our differences.
  • I am not a vegetarian, but think it is unfair to call us mindless carnivores, I believe everything on this earth has many purposes and at the end of some animals' other purposes it is to die and have their bodies eaten, but I also believe everyone has the right to choose their diet so let vegetarians do what non-vegans don't have the stomach for.
  • I am a pacifist and anti-war in general. I believe at times war can be necessary, but I would never participate in one.
  • I have an introvertive personality when you first meet me, but I become really talkative later on.
  • I'm probably not the most patriotic American, but do love my country to a degree. I do however plan to live and work in London for five years in hopes of recieving dual citizenship.
  • I love Friends, it is my fave tv show as you can see below in Total Faves, and hope to live a Friends Lifestyle, someday in London.
  • I love to boast and show off how much French I know. I want to become fluent some day, but after I become fluent in Spanish, beacause in a matter of fifteen years half my country will identify Spanish as their mother tongue. Of course by then it will be easier because I have conversed with them about everyday and so many Spanish words will have made their way in the English language.
  • I prefer to be called an Evangelical Christian as opposed to Protestant or Baptist, because of 2 reasons - 1.) Protestantism isn't united as a religion or denomination, it is a way of Christian worship based by the Bible alone with no other reference, and 2.) The name was given to us by Catholics who wanted an alternative to Heretic, basically meaning one who protests. I don't know about others who come from Protestant-based denominations, but my faith is not in protest of Catholics.
  • I have such a dramatic personality. I am more-than likely to become an actor, but only if I'm allowed to be me!
  • I am homeschooled (which should actually be called independently-educated because in the High School and Junior High years it is more of a self-schooling apporoach. We sign up for classes and during the day we do the homework required for the classes). the reason why I'm homeschooled is because when I actually was in a public school I was made fun of and even came home with an interesting vocabulary and an almost-suicidal attitude.
  • I'm the closest thing my little hick-town has to a hippy. I'm like a Jesus Movement hippy (except it ended before I was born, but I'm hoping to re-establish one in as many communities and individuals as I can), except I'm like a Conservative hippy - is that possible?

Total FavesEdit

  • FAVE FOREIGN CITIES: Madrid, London, Venice, Vienna, Hong Kong, and Sydney (note: I've never been to these places).
  • FAVE US CITIES: *Houston, *Orlando, New York, *Los Angeles, *San Diego, *Dallas, Denver, *Chattanooga, *Nashville, and Boston. (*places I have been to).
  • FAVE MOVIES: Michele and Romy's High School Reunion (have a Michele and Romy day!).
  • FAVE TV SHOW: Friends, My Name is Earl.
  • FAVE ACTORS: Joaquin Phoenix, Matthew Perry, Jason Lee.
  • FAVE ACTRESSES: Reese Witherspoon, Lisa Kudrow, Geena Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé Knowles, Ingrid Bergman, Lucille Ball, and Bette Davis.
  • FAVE CLASSIC MOVIE: The Corn is Green (1945 version), I love old classic movies.
  • FAVE BOOK: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I love old classic literature.
  • FAVE AUTHOR: Jane Austen was a literary genius!
  • FAVE SINGER: Chris Tomlin, however I love songs sung by Jeremy Camp, Amy Grant, Rachel Lampa, Michael W. Smith, Nicole Nordeman, Chris Rice, Rebecca St. James, Chris Tomlin, Jaci Velasquez, Nicole C. Mullen, Steven Curtis Chapman, etc.
  • FAVE SONG: Can't decide, they're all good! Of course there are some things I don't listen to like that Latino and Proud crap or the violent and sexual rap.
  • Fave food: Seafood, and recently have been found to enjoy Chinese (but it give me heart burn, like, mega-bad so I can't eat it.
  • FAVE THING TO DO (HOBBIES): singing, dancing, acting (I wish I had some official way to act instead of just doing whatever - I LOVE musicals), writing (a story called The Confessions of Agnieszka Kochanowska, and another one called Boudica: Warrior Queen), and I'm also involved in many classes and a book club which keep me reading alot. I also watch T.V too often.
  • FAVE THING TO SAY (CATCH PHRASE): Oh wow (I'm easily impressed), That's nice (when I'm not listening), oook, or yeah.

Plans for FutureEdit

Next Year

  • Regain my MySpace which I was forced to give up as a form of punishment so I'm now trying to be more responsible with my time.

Next Ten Years

  • Graduate Highschool.
  • Attend a few colleges; Blinn Community College (2 years), after that I have no clue. I think I'd like to go to either Texas A&M or the U of H

Next Twenty Years

  • I plan to marry but has to be of a certain ethnicity, don't think another Briton would be such a good idea (seeing as we are as stubborn as metal). I would rather one of Latin origins (i.e. Latina, Spaniard, Creole, Mediteranean French, Mulatto, etc.)
  • I also have plans to adopt two Chinese girls and I would named them Ai-weh-deh Gladys [original surname] [my surname], and another would be Wu Zhao Zetian Honoria [original surname] [my surname].

Next Forty Years

  • I plan to have natural children as well. Depending on how they look they will have Spanish, French, or English names and will be brought up in a bilingual home.
  • I want to spend some time in London in order to attain dual citizenship with the United Kingdom.
  • I would like to also spend some time in Madrid, but not too long and not in winter.