Weird Tales (1941)
September-October 1941 (Volume 36, Issue 1)
707402Weird Tales — September-October 1941 (Volume 36, Issue 1)1941
Front cover of Weird Tales volume 36 number 1, dated September 1941, featuring a ginat blue figure with stars for eyes holding a chain of people.


Cartoon of a woman being interrupted coming out of the shower by two guests, a man and a woman.
Cartoon of a woman being interrupted coming out of the shower by two guests, a man and a woman.

It's annoying when folks just drop in…but

infectious dandruff

is more annoying still!

Woman embracing a suited man, while looking with concern at the dandruff on his shoulder.

Get after it with Listerine at the first sign of trouble

What makes the infectious type of dandruff so annoying, so distressing, are those troublesome flakes on collar or dress...and the scalp irrtation and itching . . . that so often accompany the condition.

If you're troubled, in this way, look out—you may have this common form of dandruff so, act now before it gets worse

Has Helped Thousands

Start right in with Listerine Antiseptic and massage. This is the medical treatment that has shown such amazing results in a substantial majority of clinical test cases...the treatment that has also helped thousands of other people.

You too may find it helpful as it is delightful. Listerine is so easy, so simple to use, and so stimulating! You simply douse it on the scalp morning and night and follow with vigorous and persistent massage.

Thousands of users have marvelled at how flakes and scales begin to disappear, how much cleaner their scalps appear. And remember:

Kills "Bottle Bacillus"

Listerine kills millions of germs on scalp and hair, including Pityrosporum Ovale, the strange "Bottle Bacillus" recognized by outstanding dandruff specialists as a causative agent of infectious dandruff.

This germ-killing action, we believe, helps to explain why, in a clinical test, 70% of dandruff sufferers showed either complete disappearance of or marked improvement in the symptoms of dandruff within a month. Lambert Pharmacal Co. St. Louis Missouri

The Treatment

men: Douse full strength Listerine Antiseptic on the scalp morning and night. women: Part the hair at various places, and apply Listerine Antiseptic right along the part with a medicine dropper, to avoid wetting the hair excessively.

Always follow with vigorous and persistent massage with fingers or a good hairbrush. Continue the treatment as long as dandruff is in evidence. And even though you're free from dandruff, enjoy a Listerine Antiseptic massage once a week to guard against infection. Listerine is the same antiseptic that has been famous for more than 50 years as a mouth wash and gargle.

LISTERINE — the delightful treatment

A chained man in bathed in rays from a star, while under a crescent moon.


Is there a strange, ethereal, mental cord that binds the consciousness of those departed from this world with those that remain? Are souls denied liberation after transition until they have communicated important messages to their loved ones? Are the fantastic experiments of the seance room trickery or fraud, or are they the result of earthbound entities seeking freedom from the confining interests of this world? Is the human consciousness suspended for an indefinite period between the spiritual and earthly realms? Is psychic communication, with minds gone on, a farce or a fact?


You have had them—everyone has. That unexplainable feeling of an invisible presence, that someone unseen was near or standing behind you. You have become suddenly conscious of your name being called—and yet no sound was outwardly audible. These and innumerable other strange experiences cannot be brushed aside as imagination or fancy. These occurrences are just as much established phenomena—manifestations of nature and Cosmic law—as the coming of day and night. In past times, men and women were willing to condemn to oblivion the mysteries of self—the psychic functionings of their being—all because a skeptical and bigoted material science scoffed at them.

Today is a day of frankness and so the Rosicrucians boldly proclmm what they have known for centuries. The Rosicrucians (not a religious organization), a fraternity of liberal-minded men and women, have dared to tear aside the veil that hid these facts about man's inner life. They have seriously investigated those realms upon which religion cast no light—and which the superstitious called magic. Their results have been astounding. They have discovered what caused some men and women to be successes, how personality originates and evolves; they have shown how intuition and hunches are not just phrases, but are DEMONSTRABLE processes of the human mind.


It is time that you, too, learn what truly makes for happiness and achievement in life. Investigate the greatest of all mysteries—yourself. Write today for the free sealed book, "The Secret Heritage". Use the coupon below. It will tell you how you may receive for study, in the privacy of your own home, these age-old truths of nature, which have been preserved by the Rosicrucians. This invitation is for the sincere, and not for the idly curious

Scribb F. X. D.
Rosicrucian Order (AMORC)
San Jose. California
Gentlemen: I am sincerely interested in study of the laws of nature, which govern me and my relationship to the world in which I llve. Please send me a free copy of "The Secret Heritage." which tells me about the Rosicrucians and the things they teach.

The Rosicrucians [AMORC] San Jose, California, U.S.A.

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"Weird Tales" banner title.


september 1941
Cover by Margaret Brundage
The Forces of Ancient Evil Are Always Breaking Forth—Becoming Manifest Briefly, Horribly to the World of Men!
BIRTHMARK Seabury Quinn
A Strange, Dreadful Drama of Pre-Natal Influence…
short stories
A Spaceways Tragi-Comedy of the Inimitable Mr. Biggs.
THE MAN WHO LIVED Raymond F. O'Kelley
He Had the Whole of London to Do With as He Pleased.
"Either He's a Myth—or There Really Is Such a Kid; and in That Case…"
Needles Sharp and Shining—Tiny Daggers for the Death of a Doll… How Could These Be Used in a Modern-Day Political Campaign?
Judge Pursuivant Routs a Murderous, Hunchbacked Hulk of a Phantom!
Sparkling Showers of Notes, Furious Triumphal Piano Playing… Jazz… but What Jazz!
THE LOST GODS Dorothy Quick
"Gods Are as Real as Their Worshipers!"
WITCH DANCE Clark Ashton Smith

Except for personal experiences the content of this magazine is fiction. Any use of the name of a living person or reference to actual events is purely coincidental.

Published bi-monthly by Weird Tales. 9 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N. Y. Reentered as second-class matter January 26, 1940, at the Post Office of New York, N. Y., under the act of March 8, 1879. Single copies, 15 cents. Subscription rates: One year in the United States and possessions, 90c. Foreign and Canadian postage extra. English Office: Charles Lavell, Limited, 4 Clements Inn, Strand, London, W.C.2, England. The publishers are not responsible for the loss of unsolicited manuscripts although every care will be taken of such material while in their possession.

Copyright, 1941, by Weird Tales. Copyrighted in Great Britain.

Title registered in U. S. Patent Office.

printed in the u. s. a.
Vol. 36, No. 1

D. McILWRAITH, Editor.


Banner image. Text: "To the man who wants to enjoy an ACCOUNTANT'S CAREER." Images: 1) "Good Salaray" (a man sitting a desk holding money), 2) "Fine Car" (a 1930s-period car), 3) "A Nice Home" (a detached house with trees in the garden), 4) "Bank Account" (a man in a suit waling away from a teller's window with money in his hands).

IF you're that man, here's something that will interest you.

Not a magic formula—not a get-rich-quick scheme—but something more substantial, more practical. Of course, you need something more than just the desire to be an accountant. You've got to pay the price—be willing to study earnestly, thoroughly.

Still, wouldn't it be worth your while to sacrifice some of your leisure in favor of interesting home study—over a comparatively brief period in your life? Always provided that the rewards were good—a salary of $2,000 to $10,000?

An accountant's duties are interesting, varied and of real worth to his employers. He has standing!

Do you feel that such things aren't for you? Well, don't be too sure. Very possibly they can be!

Why not, like so many before you, investigate LaSalle's modern Problem Method of training for an accountancy position?

Just suppose you were permitted to work in a large accounting house under the personal supervision of an expert accountant. Suppose, with his aid, you studied accounting principles and solved problems day by day—easy ones at first—then the more difficult ones. If you could do this—and if you could turn to him for advice as the problems became complex—soon you'd master them all.

That's the training you follow in principle under the LaSalle Problem Method.

You cover accountancy from the basic Principles right up through Accountancy Systems and Income Tax Procedure. Then you add C. P. A. Training and prepare for the C. P. A. examinations.

As you go along, you absorb the principles of Auditing, Cost Accounting, Business Law, Statistical Control, Organization, Management and Finance.

Your progress is as speedy as you care to make it—depending on your own eagerness to learn and the time you spend in study.

Will recognition come? The only answer, as you know, is that success does come to the man who is really trained. It's possible your employers will notice your improvement in a very few weeks or months. Indeed, many LaSalle graduates have paid for their training—with increased earnings—before they have completed it! For accountants, who are trained in organization and management, are the executives of the future.

Write For This Free Book

For your own good don't put off investigation of all the facts. Write for our free 48-page book, "Accountancy, The Profession That Pays." It'll prove that accountancy offers brilliant futures to those who aren't afraid of serious home study. Send us the coupon now.

Over 1850 Certified

Public Accountants among

LaSalle alumni

Monochrome picture of a book with the title "Accountancy"



4101 S. Michigan Ave., Dept 875-H, Chicago, Ill.

I want to be an accountant. Send me, without cost or obligation, the 48-page book, "Accountancy, The Profession That Pays," and full information about your accountancy training program.

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Is there a Power within that can give Health, Youth, Happiness, Success?

Photograph of Edwin J. Dingle

Can we cast off all fear, negation, failure, worry, poverty and disease? Can we reach those mental and spiritual heights which at present appear unattainable? To these eternal questions, the answers given by Edwin J. Dingle, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, are unusual. He reveals the story of a remarkable system of mind and body control that often leads to almost unbelievable improvement in power of mind, achievement of business and professional success, and new happiness. Many report improvement in health. Others tell of magnetic personality, courage and poise.

The method was found in remote and mysterious Tibet, formerly a forbidden country, rarely visited by outsiders, and often called the land of miracles in the astounding books written about it. Here, behind the highest mountains in the world, Mr. Dingle learned the extraordinary system he is now disclosing to the Western World.

He maintains that all of us are giants in strength and mind-power, capable of surprising feats. From childhood, however, we are hypnotized, our powers put to sleep, by the suggestions of associates, by what we read, and by various other experiences. To realize their really marvelous powers, men and women must escape from this hypnotism. The method found by Mr. Dingle in Tibet is said to be remarkably instrumental in freeing the mind of the hypnotizing ideas that paralyze the giant powers within us.

A nine-thousand word treatise revealing many startling results of this system is now being offered by the Institute of Mentalphysics, 213 South Hobart Blvd., Dept. 38E, Los Angeles, Calif. They offer to send it free to any readers who quickly send their names and addresses. Readers are urged to write them promptly, as only a limited number of the free treatises have been printed.

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Ffrom the witch's tale—the highly popular, ultra-shivery broadcast which chilled radio listeners from coast to coast—to WEIRD TALES, the Unique Magazine…comes a story specially adapted for our pages by that famous program's author and director, Alonzo Dean Cole. It's in your next issue. This story, a prime favorite with the radio audience,

is titled—


—you may remember it. Set against the background of a sultry Indian Summer—the Moon of Falling Leaves, of dying things—is the drama of two ruthless murderers who defy the terrible Neebanawbaigs…ancient Indian gods of the Holy lake. Was it at the bidding of these Old Ones that slime—loathsome, hideously green—rose from the lake's dreadiul depths to exact monstrous vengeance…?


Woman staring into a crystal ball held by a strange creature.


Peer into the future with us for a few minutes—and take a look at what is coming in the next



Do you come alive at night, in your dreams? If your "night life" is as realistic, as true to life, as your everyday existence—then watch out! For dreams may well be dangerous....

Listen to the story of Henry Stevens, insurance salesman of Midland City, Illinois. He had two lives—two


  —and never knew which was real! This tremendous novelette by Edmond Hamilton, scheduled for your next issue of WEIRD TALES, is the absorbing, dramatic study of an ordinary man.... and his extraordinary dreams. At night—every night since earliest childhood—he became Khal Kan, prince of Jotan on the fantastic world of Thar; day by day, the dream carried forward the prince's life. As Henry Stevens goes to school, gets a job, gets married—so Khal Kan learns to ride and fence, patrols the mountains, does battle with his father's enemies. "Waking" each night into the life of the prince, it seems that Henry Stevens is a dream. And every morning, when Henry Stevens wakes... surely the world of Thar—its strange cities and enormous mountains, its turquoise seas, twin moons and crimson sun—are nothing but a dream? And yet...
The answer, and the terrible climax to Henry Stevens' dream, are vaiting for you in the November issue!

From Frank Gruber comes a very enthralling tale of scientists who nose into secrets far better left alone—secrets buried deep in the dusty pages of...THE BOOK OF THE DEAD! You'll find thrills galore in this story of the Egyptian Ramahadin—last of the great high-priests—whom a long dead formula has raised from the silence of the centuries!

Also due in the next issue is WEIRD TALES Witch's Hour

See page 23 for full details.

Six other stunning stories—fantasy, science fiction and plain, unvarnished horror—guarantee you an issue that is outstandingly weird and a real reading treat.

Your NOVEMBER Number of WEIRD TALES Goes on Sale September 1st


Black and white photograph of a smiling woman
Posed by a Professional Model


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Harry Willoughby, Adairville, Kentucky, writes: Mrs. Geo. G. Conklin, Bridgeport, Connecticut, writes:
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Perhaps you could. But chances are that the honest answer is: "You're not properly trained and qualified—yet."

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But just as an ordinary industrial worker can, through LaSalle Home Study, become a foreman, so a foreman, a cost clerk, a cost accountant, a mechanical engineer, a department manager, an inspector, an assistant superintendent, and all the other minor executives of any industrial organization—can fit themselves for that desirable job ahead—with its tremendously desirable rewards!

Does all this sound too good to be true? If it does, we'll make you proposition—we'll ask you to gamble a one-cent post card against the proof of our statements—proof that has built this institution over a year period and scattered our members through nearly a million positions in all countries of the world.

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❑ Modern Foremanship❑ Industrial Management

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Atlas Champion Cup Winer

This is an ordinary snapshot of one of Charles Atlas' Californian pupils.

...and He's the Handsome Prize-Winning Body I Gave Him!

CHARLES ATLAS An untouched photo of Charles Atlas, twice winner and holder of the title "The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man."
CHARLES ATLAS An untouched photo of Charles Atlas, twice winner and holder of the title "The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man."

J. G. O'BRIEN saw my coupon. He clipped and mailed it. He got my free book and followed my instructions. He became a New Man. NOW read what he says:

"Look at me NOW! 'Dynamic Tension' WORKS! I'm prod of the natural, easy way you have made me an 'Atlas Champion'!"

J .G. O'Brien

"I'll prove that YOU, too, can be a NEW MAN"—Charles Atlas

I don't care how young or old you are, or how ashamed of your current physical condition you may be. If you can simply raise your arm and flex it I can add SOLID MUSCLE to your biceps—yes, on each arm—in double-quick time! Only 15 minutes a day—right in your own home—is all the time I ask of you! And there's no cost if I fail.

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Only 15 Minutes a Day

"Dynamic Tension!" That's the ticket! The identical natural method that I myself developed to change my body from the scrawny, skinny-chest weakling that I was at 17 to my present super-man physique! Thousands of other fellows are becoming marvelous physical specimens—my way. I give you no gadgets or contraptions to fool with. You learn to develop your strength through "Dynamic Tension." You simply utilize the DORMANT muscle-power in your own God-given body—watch it increase and multiply double-quick into real, solid LIVE MUSCLE.

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According to the Government Health Bulletin No. E-28 at least 50% of th adult population of the United States are being attacked by the disease known as Athlete's Foot.

Usually the disease starts between the toes. Little watery blisters form, and the skin cracks and peels. After a while, the itching becomes intense, and you feel as though you would like to scratch off all the skin.


Often the disease travels all over the bottom of the feet. The soles of your feet become red and swollen. The skin also cracks and peels, and the itching becomes worse and worse.

Get relief from this disease as quickly as possible, because it is both contagious and infectious, and it may go to your hands or even the under arm or crotch of the legs.


The germ that causes the disease is known as ... ... It buries itself deep in the ... of the skin and is very hard to kill. A test made shows it takes 15 minutes of boiling to destroy the germ, whereas, upon contact, laboratory tests shows that H. F. will kill the germ ... ... within 15 seconds.

H. F. was developed solely for the purpose of relieving Athlete's foot. It is a liquid that penetrates and dries quickly. You just paint the affected parts. H. F. gently peels the skin which enables it to get to parasites which exist under the outer cuticle.


As soon as you apply H. F. you may find that the itching is relieved. You should paint the infected part with H. F. every night until your feet are better. Usually this takes from three to ten days.

H. F. should leave the skin soft and smooth. You may marvel at the quick way it brings relief. It costs you nothing to try, so if you ar troubled by Athlete's Foot why wait a day longer?


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