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Welsh Melodies/Caswallon's Triumph



[Caswallon (or Cassivelaunus) was elected to the supreme command of the Britons, (as recorded in the Triads,) for the purpose of opposing Cæsar, under the title of Elected Chief of Battle. Whatever impression the disciplined legions of Rome might have made on the Britons in the first instance, the subsequent departure of Cæsar they considered as a cause of triumph; and it is stated that Caswallon proclaimed an assembly of the various states of the island, for the purpose of celebrating that event by feasting and public rejoicing.—Cambrian Biography.]

From the glowing southern regions,
    Where the sun-god makes his dwelling,
Came the Roman's crested legions
    O'er the deep, round Britain swelling.
The wave grew dazzling as he pass'd,
With light from spear and helmet cast;
And sounds in every rushing blast
    Of a conqueror's march were telling.

But his eagle's royal pinion,
    Bowing earth beneath its glory,
Could not shadow with dominion
    Our wild seas and mountains hoary!
Back from their cloudy realm it flies,
To float in light through softer skies;
Oh! chainless winds of heaven arise!
Bear a vanquish'd world the story!

Lords of earth! to Rome returning,
    Tell how Britain combat wages,
How Caswallon's soul is burning
    When the storm of battle rages!
And ye that shrine high deeds in song,
O holy and immortal throng!
The brightness of his name prolong,
    As a torch to stream through ages!