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Welsh Melodies/The Lament of the Last Druid



Air—"The Melody of Mona."

The harp is hush'd on Mona's shore,
And mute the voice of mystic lore,
    And the deep woods lie low!
Where were the Dark Isle's[2] vengeful gods,
When thus their shrines and dread abodes
    Received the insulting foe?
Who shall recal the Druid Seers,
They that could lift the veil of years?
The home is silent midst the slain,
And I alone on earth remain,
On the wild winds to pour one strain,
    A dirge for Mona's woe!

The stars on Mona's rocks look down,
And far Eryri's*[3] mountain-crown,
    And Ocean's glitt'ring wave;
But those, who track'd, with gifted eyes,
Their burning pathway through the skies,
    Lie slumbering in the grave!
There, too, shall rest the lore sublime,
The secrets of primæval Time;
For Mona's Guardian Powers are fled,
Her oaks have bow'd their crested head†[4];
Take me, ye dwellings of the dead,
    Homes of the wise and brave!

  1. *This beautiful Melody is from Mr. Parry's second volume of "Welsh Melodies," just published, and is the composition (we mean the words only) of Mrs. Hemans, of the productions of whose muse it is scarcely possible to speak in terms exceeding their merit. We mean to trespass again upon Mr. Parry's very interesting volume.-Ed.
  2. "†Anglesea, (or Mona,) from its thick woods of oak, was anciently called the Dark Island."
  3. "*Eryri—the Snowdon mountains."
  4. "†In A.D. 58, Suetonius Paulinus, the Roman General, penetrated into Mona, but was opposed by the Druids, whom he overpowered, cut down their groves, and massacred a vast many of them. Those, who escaped, retired to Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. But about the year 286 Cratylinth, a King of Scotland, expelled them from that country, and from the Isle of Man, which was the Presidency of the Order.— Vide Warrington's History of Wales."