Who's Who in India Supplement 1 (1912)/The Royal Garden Party


On the afternoon of December 13th, Their Majesties gave a garden party in the Fort to a large number of European and Indian guests. That as many as possible of his Indian subjects should be gratified with a sight of their Sovereign. His Majesty, with his Royal Consort, graciously made their appearance during the afternoon at the historic Jarokha in the Masumum Burj, where immense crowds who had come to visit the Badshahi Mela passed before the Royal presence, A military tattoo was given at the Mela at sunset by the massed bands, and a display of fireworks took place. Hundreds of thousands of Their Majesties' humbler subjects thus had the supreme pleasure of participating in the universal rejoicings and returned to their homes in all parts of the country satisfied that they had indeed seen their Emperor and Empress.