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To do edit

  • Add metadata, and better support for metadata, to the works on Wikisource.
  • Add audiobooks to works where available (from LibriVox or any other source). This should increase the accessibility of Wikisource.
  • Create introductory pages about eBooks, eBook readers and how to export to them from Wikisource.
    Text start at Wikisource:EBook
  • Expand help pages and general documentation. Lack of introductory or explanatory information is a barrier to new volunteers. Some aspects of Wikisource are assumed by experienced users but not documented anywhere for a new user to find.
  • Create a standard policy for serialised fiction and articles.
  • Ensure that all components at Special:TrackingCategories are actioned
  • {{bot auth}} and {{botanist}} to be deprecated as the botanist data is now available through {{authority control}} where data is at wikidata