Wikisource:Maintenance of the Month/Regular tasks

Ad hoc tasks that can be undertaken by anyone at any time

Annual tasksEdit

  1. Update licensed on works Category:1921 works and author pages in Category:1921 deaths from previous years {{PD/US|1921}} to {{PD-old}} (bot task)
  2. Review previous years copyright expiries in Category:Media now suitable for Commons
  3. Set up current year's annual type pages
    1. Template:New texts navigation
    2. Wikisource:Works/2022 (copy from Wikisource:Works/2021)
    3. In previous year's Works page when archiving December, replace top part with #if: statements with the lower half inside html comments
  4. Review Wikisource: namespace archives that are set; links to current year are present; and whether a table of contents / listing is required for previous year.
  5. Update Template:Featured schedule for 2022 (admin only)