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Multilingual texts

Guidelines on texts with significant amounts of non-English text, including bi- and multi-lingual works.

Bi- or multilingual lingual textsEdit

The English Wikisource only collects texts written in the English language. Texts in other languages should be placed in the appropriate language subdomain, or at the general multi-language website. However, English Wikisource does collect English translations of non-English texts, as well as bilingual editions in which the target language of the translation is English.

Parallel textsEdit

A parallel text is a translation that is published alongside a copy of the original language text. Typically, these will be either (a) interlinear, with the translated words appearing in lines above or beneath the words printed in the original language, (b) have the original language text presented on even-numbered pages and the translation of that portion of the text presented on the facing odd-numbered pages, or (c) each paragraph for each languages are presented side by side, one on the left and the translation on the right.

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