Wikisource:Proofread of the Month/short works

List of works to be used as stocking fillers for validation

  • List of completed works
  • Selected list of works that would be transcluded
  • List of works requiring validation that be added
  • As a work is completed, on its Index page update the progress from the drop down box to done
  • Move the work to completed section
  • Select a work from Queued and move to the section Selected works displaying for validation

Short works requiring validation


Selected works displaying for validation

These works will be used in overflow section of Template:PotM when activated

(from here)

or view all works that need validation

(to here)

is transcluded. Only list three (3) works. Suggested works to be added can be found below


Have problematic pages
Translations, not eligible for simple listing

New works of less than 30 pages to be added to QUEUED