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This is a proposed style guide for United States Acts of Congress.



  • Use {{Act of Congress}} for acts which use Public Law numbers. Does not apply (yet) for acts which only use session & chapter.

Section headingsEdit

  • Never use level one. (=)
  • Use level three (===) for Sections even if there is no level two used.
  • Use level two (==) for "See also" or "Legislative history" or whatever else is not part of the text of the statute.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Not always synonymous with the rules for Section headings, above.
  • Make each level lower than the level that contains it.
  • Often the initial sections, (Short title, TOC, definitions) are at the same level as the subsequent title.

Short titleEdit

  • Apply bold.
  • Redirect articles with short titles to the Acts' titles, subtitles, chapter, etc. to which they "may be cited as…."

Vertical spaceEdit

  • Add an extra line break before subsections ((a), (b), etc.), but not in lower levels.


: Text after section break
: (a)
:: text after subsection
:: (1)
::: text after paragraph
::: (A)
:::: text after subparagraph
:::: (i)
::::: text after (i)
::::: (I)
:::::: text after (I)
:::::: (aa)
::::::: text after (aa)

::: ``Title IX
::: ``Sec. 123
:::: ``(a)
::::: ``(1)
:::::: ``(A)
::::::: ``(i)
:::::::: ``(I)
::::::::: ``(aa)

In quotes, everything at the Section level and above should be intended identically with three colons.


  • Make the "Approved" line italicized, with an extra line break above it, and without intents.

Legislative historyEdit

  • Include and apply, where possible, {{USBill}}.


  • Should include [[Category:United States federal law]].
  • Or a subcategory, such as [[Category:United States federal law designating federal property]].



  • Do not use regular (straight) 'single quotes,' "double quotes," or ''single quotes doubled.''
  • Instead, use slanted `single quotes´ or slanted ``single quotes doubled.´´


  • Don't use double dashes (--).
  • Instead, use mdashes (—).