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Wikisource:WikiProject DNB Most wanted articles

This page is for anyone to list those articles in the Dictionary of National Biography that are "most wanted" for creation. These articles can be from any of the original 63 volumes or from the first two supplements, which are now in the public domain. In practice lists can be imported here from elsewhere, to give some structure to the business of choosing what topics to work on.

The preferred format for entries on this list is [[Surname, Given name (DNB00)|]], but that still does not allow for ambiguous names. But the important thing is to add enough information to identify the article you want added; a person who is more experienced with the project can always come by later and fix the link. Once articles have been added, they may be removed from the list.

  • 2 Here are a dozen needed because WP quotes the article and it's not created here yet:
  • Thomas Flamank (no article through 01)
  • Luigi Lablache
  • John Rennie the Elder
  • David George Ritchie
  • Henry William Stisted

3. Enforcers of Magna Carta

  • 4. Irish history, recent WP creations
  • Nugent, Christopher
  • Nugent, William

5. A list from w:Wikipedia:WikiProject Anglicanism/To-do#Earlier. These are likely figures to have a DNB article, but the list requires checking.

  1. w:Thomas Arnold
  2. w:Richard Meux Benson
  3. w:Thomas Bray
  4. w:Joseph Butler
  5. w:Thomas Thellusson Carter
  6. w:Thomas Cartwright (churchman)
  7. w:Philander Chase
  8. w:Richard William Church
  9. w:Robert Henry Codrington
  10. w:John William Colenso
  11. w:John Colet
  12. w:John Cosin
  13. w:Nicholas Ferrar
  14. w:Richard Field (theologian)
  15. w:Richard Hurrell Froude
  16. w:Francis Fulford (bishop)
  17. w:Orlando Gibbons
  18. w:Edmund Tyrrell Green
  19. w:George Herbert
  20. w:Richard Hooker (theologian)
  21. w:Fenton John Antony Hort
  22. w:John Hulse
  23. w:William Reed Huntington
  24. w:John Jewel
  25. w:Thomas Ken
  26. w:Edward King (English bishop)
  27. w:Hugh Latimer
  28. w:Robert Leighton (prelate)
  29. w:John Lightfoot
  30. w:John Longland
  31. w:Charles Fuge Lowder
  32. w:Robert Machray
  33. w:John Marbeck
  34. w:Charles Pettit McIlvaine
  35. w:Robert Campbell Moberly
  36. w:John Mason Neale
  37. w:William Paley
  38. w:William Palmer (theologian)
  39. w:John Coleridge Patteson
  40. w:John Pearson (scholar)
  41. w:John Purchas
  42. w:Edward Reynolds
  43. w:Nicholas Ridley (martyr)
  44. w:John Rogers (religious)
  45. w:John Charles Ryle
  46. w:Robert Sanderson
  47. w:Edwin Sandys
  48. w:Edward Gordon Selwyn
  49. w:George Augustus Selwyn
  50. w:Charles Simeon
  51. w:Edward Stillingfleet
  52. w:Waite Hockin Stirling
  53. w:John Stokesley
  54. w:Herbert Thorndike
  55. w:Anthony Wilson Thorold
  56. w:Daniel Waterland
  57. w:Richard Whatley
  58. w:Thomas Wilson (bishop)
  59. Bellew, Richard (DNB00). Volume 4. Page 193. Wanted for the article w:Richard Bellewe which cites the DNB.
  60. Bendlowes, William (DNB00). Volume 4. Page 213. Wanted for the article w:William Bendlowes which reproduces the DNB with minor alterations.
  61. Comyns, John (DNB00). Volume 11. Page 464. Wanted for the article w:John Comyns which cites the DNB.
  62. Kyd, Stewart (DNB00). Volume 31. Page 348. Wanted for the article w:Stewart Kyd.
  63. Hammond, Anthony (1758-1838) (DNB00). Volume 24. Page 240. Wanted for the article w:Anthony Hammond (legal writer).
  64. Blackstone, William (1723-1780) (DNB00). Volume 5. Pages 133 to 140. Wanted to supplement the article w:William Blackstone and for the article w:Henry Blackstone's Reports which cites the DNB.
  65. Bingham, Peregrine (1754-1826) (DNB00). Volume 5. Page 51. Wanted for the article w:Peregrine Bingham the elder.
  66. Bingham, Peregrine (1788-1864) (DNB00). Volume 5. Page 51. Wanted for the article w:Peregrine Bingham the younger and the last mentioned article which cites it.
  67. Bligh, Richard (1780-1838?) (DNB00). Volume 5. Page 218. Wanted for the article w:Richard Bligh
  68. Bligh, Richard Rodney (DNB00). Volume 5. Page 218. Wanted to supplement the article w:Richard Rodney Bligh.
  69. Archbold, John Frederick (DNB01). 1901 supplement. Volume 1. Page 54. Wanted for the article w:John Frederick Archbold.