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There are four key DNB tools for the project, and they span both Wikisource and Wikipedia. All have now been migrated to Wikimedia Labs, and there have been some recent (as of summer 2013) feature upgrades. All have been authored by User:Magnus Manske.

New: This is relevant to ODNB matching with Wikidata items, but to much more also.

Address on Labs Colloquial name Basic purpose Features
Here DNB Maintenance Runs matching exercise between author pages linking to the DNB, and "contributor=" fields in DNB headers
Here DNB Match Searches for articles on enWP that are biographies of the same person as a DNB biography here. Can be run for any initial string. Close hits are displayed by bold or bold+italic. Expect false positives (usually matching a birth or death year), and various kinds of false negatives. In principle this tool works for other encyclopedic works (such as Catholic Encyclopedia) but some maintenance is required to make that happen.
Here DNB Ratios Uses a cached version of the Wikisource DNB, and "live" matched Wikipedia DNB articles, to produce a list ordered by the ratio

Size of WP article/size of WS article.

Very sensitive to redirection of the matching link from WS to WP, so in practice detects first article moves on WP (can be removed from the top of the list simply by updating the "wikipedia=" field on the DNB article here). There is also now a list of all "article message" and "attribution" templates on the WP article, for maintenance purposes. (Updating the WS cache is not to be undertaken too lightly.)
Here DNB link finder Runs a search on enWP using the external link finder, to locate links to Google Books copies of DNB volumes. Analyses a reference page here, which can be updated. A number of false positives.

There is also, not a tool as such, but a saved search, which is posted with a run from February 2013, at

w:User:Magnus Manske/dnb ws no wp

What this does is to give a rough ordering of unmatched DNB articles here, by the number of pages they cover.