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This is a project page to address the issue “what hyperlinks should be added to DNB articles, and how?” Most added links must be either piped or created by templates, to preserve the original text.[1] They must also conform to general site policies, even if those are not of particularly clear application. Where pages are created by transclusion, the wikification naturally happens in the Page: namespace, but also (of course) it can occur in pages not yet transcluded.

Hierarchy of preferencesEdit

There is a hierarchy of preferences that can usefully be made explicit:

  1. Prefer links to other DNB articles;
  2. Then prefer links to other enWS articles, using a disambiguation page to offer the reader the full choice where appropriate;[2]
  3. Then prefer links to enWP articles;
  4. Then prefer links to any WMF sister project;
  5. Last choice is a general Web link.


It seems clearer to divide added links into two classes:

  • (a) links implied by the DNB article’s structure, the addition of these being agreed on by the project, running to other DNB articles (call these project links); and
  • (b) links that in are some sense optional, and should be subject to Wikisource’s somewhat diffuse general policy of hyperlinking where advantageous (call these optional links).

Name Type of link Based on text Target to link to Technical comment
[q.v.] link Project John Smith [q. v.] Smith, John (DNB00), whether or not yet created. Acceptable to create a redlink. Link the name not the [q. v.]. Template:DNB lkpl can be used with a single parameter to provide a plain link to the inverted form.

Because the name will not be inverted in the text, and generally is inverted in the DNB the template can take two parameters (first inverted, second as appears in text), The DNB reference will not always use the exact name, sometimes adding dates to disambiguate where required, and sometimes leaving that to the reader. Acceptable to link and then create a redirect when that makes a blue link. Redirecting to a redlink not generally acceptable.

See link Project [See Smith, John.] Smith, John (DNB00), whether or not yet created. Can be created by template {{DNB lkpl}}. Same comments as before on redlinks and redirects.
Author page link Optional Author name, full or abbreviated. Author:John James Smith
Text link (English) Optional Name of work in text. Mainspace page for text. Acceptable to create redlinks and redirects if the target would be a text appropriate for inclusion in enWS.
Text link (other) Optional Name of work in text, not a text appropriate for inclusion in enWS, but might (for example) be a work in Latin. Mainspace page for text, some language Wikisource. Acceptable to create redlinks if the target would be appropriate somewhere in Wikisource.
Link for clarification (interwiki) Optional Any place name, personal name or technical term where the addition of a link is likely to be a significant help to the general reader. Any sister project page. Piped interwiki link. Articles should not be overloaded, but have a sparse addition of links.
Link for clarification (general Web) Optional Any Web page. See above. Piped external link. There should be a good case for such links.


  1. This will not be true in 100% of cases, though, since the link may run to a mainspace page that is either a text or a disambiguation page.
  2. There is an assumption here, which is that WS reference articles will link to a WP page on the same topic if there is one. A good WP article may serve the reader better than an outdated WS article; but if the WS article on topic T doesn't link to the WP article on topic T, that matter ought to be addressed anyway.