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WikiProject is dedicated to posting and organizing pages for legal documents of New Zealand.


  • Make both current and historical legislation easily accessible. It should be easy to find specific legislation, as well as related legal documentation, such as Bills, Regulations, and Hansard that are related to any Acts.
  • Through the use of templates, allow for easy formatting of legislation to make sure adding new legislation is as easy as possible, to encourage new contributors to join the project.
  • Find a balance between consistent formatting for an easier user experience, and ensuring formatting stays true to the original legislation. The formatting of Acts in New Zealand has changed a number of times across the years.
  • Wikisource should never aim to be the official source of current, up to date legislation. There's no way for us to guarantee that we will always have the latest amendments incorporated. The use of this website lies in keeping a record of legislative documents through history.


Law of New Zealand

Aiming to be a portal to all legal documents related to New Zealand.



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* On hold, see discussion page.


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Under section 27 of the Copyright Act 1994 (1994 No 143), no copyright exists in any introduced Bill, any Act, any regulations, bylaws, parliamentary debates, reports of select committees, judgements of any court/tribunal, or reports of commissions/inquiries.

In discussions with the Parliamentary Counsel Office, who administer and maintain legislation, they confirm all their documents are in the public domain, however recommend that is linked to as an official source.




Develop faster method for formatting large Acts. The Social Security Act 2018 is a document with 460 sections and 12 schedules, and there are 15 different versions of this.

Acts held on will be easier as they are machine readable and have XML files to parse.

Older acts only held on the NZ Legal Information Institute will be more difficult as the OCR has not been validated.


Create self-updating versions pages so that when a new version of large documents like Social Security Act 2018 are uploaded, all pages do not need updating.



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{{Law/pAct/s/start}} {{Law/pAct/s/end}}



{{Law/pAct/subs/start}} {{Law/pAct/subs/end}}

{{Law/pAct/para/start}} {{Law/pAct/para/end}}

{{Law/pAct/subpara/start}} {{Law/pAct/subpara/end}}





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