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Fremantle Local History Collection newspaper clippings, box 1, file 1.
Newspaper Date Article File: Index: Has image(s)? Summary or first paragraph
Daily News (Western Australia) 1949-01-29 Fremantle 'Sheep Station' Sought File Index No Miss May Birch from Staffordshire wrote to the Mayor of Fremantle requesting information about her father's family.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1949-03-15 Contest for Home Gardeners File Index No Letter to the editor suggesting that the council limit a gardening contest that it was running to residents who had a water meter installed.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1949-03-15 Home Gardeners File Index No The State Housing Commission would give £5 for the purchase of additional prizes for the residents' gardening contest.
The West Australian 1949-03-26 Permanent Caravans File Index Yes Persons living in these caravans near the South Beach jetty have been given notice by the Fremantle City Council to vacate the caravan site by the end of April.
The West Australian 1949-04-20 Camping Site File Index No Request from the RSL for caravan and camping area in the district.
The West Australian 1949-05-24 Rebuff for Dr. Cook File Index No Commisioner of Health refuses to approve appointment of Council's chief health inspector.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1949-06-09 Signs of the Streets File Index No Project to add signs to all streets in Fremantle.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1949-06-09 Crash Into Hall: Boy Falls Through Ceiling File Index No Francis Armstrong (13) fell through the ceiling of the town hall.
Southern Daily Echo 1949-08-11 From Fremantle to Freemantle: Gracious Gift by Australian City File Index Yes Fremantle (WA) gives Freemantle (Southhampton, England) a copy of "The Western Gateway".
The West Australian 1949-09-05 Fremantle Library File Index No Fremantle library to be opened by Dr. J. S. Battye.
Unknown (Western Australia) 1949-09-05 Hopes For Extension Of Free System File Index No Dr. Battye hopes that the Fremantle Lending Library will lead to a state-wide library system.
The West Australian 1949-09-06 First Free Municipal Library File Index Yes Fremantle library opened.
The West Australian 1949-09-11 Erosion of Beach File Index Yes Letter to the Editor from W. Somervill regarding destruction of South Beach by storms.
The West Australian 1949-09-11 Western Gateway File Index No Fremantle City Council commisioned John K. Ewers to write a history to celebrate its centenary.
The West Australian 1949-09-29 Special Refuse Service Vehicle File Index Yes WA's first rubbish truck.
The West Australian 1949-11-12 Export of Crayfish: "Severe Setback to Industry" File Index No Regulations regarding spawning crayfish, and "noxious trade licence" for cray tail processing.
The West Australian 1949-12-06 Condemned Fish: Questions About Disposal File Index No Two tons of condemned fish may have been given to shops.
The West Australian 1949-12-06 Fremantle Rates: Higher Costs Cause Increase of 4d. File Index No Rates to increase.
The West Australian 1949-12-14 Composting Plant at Fremantle File Index No Composting plant being built at rubbish dump.
The West Australian 1949-12-15 Port Leads Nation in this Field File Index No Sir Stanton Hicks congratulates FCC on composting plant.
The West Australian 1950-01-21 Royal Visit File Index No Head gardener of Fremantle already preparing for the Royal visit, expected in 1952.
The Western Mail (Western Australia) 1950-04-13 Fremantle -- First File Index Yes Brief history of Fremantle's founding, and excerpts from James Stirling's log of 1829.
The West Australian 1950-06-26 Development Plans for Fremantle File Index Yes FCC report of proposals for Fremantle development.
The West Australian 1950-07-27 Fremantle's Plan File Index No FCC is the only local government authority with a development plan.
The West Australian 1950-08-11 No New Harbour Berths Planned for 20 Years File Index No Tydeman harbour sceme proposes that no new berths be built at Fremantle Harbour.
The West Australian 1950-09-27 Manning and Hilton Park Inspected by Minister File Index No Assistant-Minister for Housing inspects housing estates' progress.
Sunday Times (Western Australia) 1950-10-08 Lotteries Aid is Offered for Children's Playgrounds File Index No Local authorities invited to submit playground proposals to Lotteries Commission.
Unknown (Western Australia) 1950-10-15 More Ante-Natal Care Would Save Babies File Index No 200-300 babies stillborn; anti-natal care would help.
Unknown (Western Australia) 1950-10-15 Former MLA Says Liquor Trades Balckmail Govt. File Index No Former MLA says the "liquor trade exerted an insolent political tyranny" on government, at the Temperance League's conference.
The West Australian 1950-10-27 Proposal for New Rail Route to Femantle File Index No Consideration given to new southern railway to aid goods handling.
The West Australian 1950-11-01 Tranport Delays: Congestion at Port Weighbridge File Index No Complaints at Council meeting about Cliff Street weighbridge.
The West Australian 1950-11-15 Architect Discuss City Planning Needs File Index No Annual council meeting of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects meets in Perth. Advocate a whole-country approach to town planning.
The West Australian 1950-11-21 Shark Fence to be Repaired File Index No South Beach shark net, without netting for two years, to be repaired, says head gardener.
The West Australian 1951-05-07 Swan River Pollution At North Fremantle File Index No More pollution at North Fremantle end of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge than anywhere else, said W. W. Abbett of the Swan River Pollution Committee.
The West Australian 1951-05-10 Patients On Lounges At Fremantle Hospital File Index No Wicker lounges serving as makeshift lounges for patients, due to lack of space.
The West Australian 1951-05-10 Foundation Day Ceremony At Fremantle File Index No Proclamation of the annexing of Western Australia to the Crown (1829-06-17) to be re-enacted by soldiers.
The West Australian 1951-05-17 New Governor of W.A. Appointed: Distinguished Irish Soldier and Farmer File Index Yes Charles Gairdner appointed as next Governor.
The West Australian 1951-06-05 Large Cround at Foundation Day Ceremony File Index Yes Red-coated soldiers re-enacted proclamation, attracted more than 3000 people to the Fremantle Esplanade. "Uniforms -- Old And New -- At Fremantle"
The West Australian 1951-06-19 'Too Many Cannots' In Port Berthing System File Index No Cr. W. F. Samson wants to "find out some of the things we can do" with regards to the Fremantle Harbour.
The West Australian 1951-06-28 Power House Opened At South Fremantle File Index No Minister for Electricity opened new power station.
The West Australian 1951-07-17 Housing of Evicted File Index No Fremantle City Council supports temporary housing for people evicted under the Increase of Rent (War Restrictions) Act being built at Melville camp.
The West Australian 1951-07-17 Classes At Fremantle File Index No Adult education lectures on craft and art to commence, pending renovation of premises.
The West Australian 1951-07-17 Roundhouse As Store File Index No Fremantle Harbour Trust to use Roundhouse cells as cool storage.
The West Australian 1951-09-20 Royal Itinerary In Australia: Fremantle First Port Of Call File Index No King, Queen, and Princess Margaret to arrive in Fremantle to begin two-month Australian tour.
The West Australian 1951-11-02 Crews' Entertainment During Royal Visit File Index No Crew of the Gothic and navy ships to be given special entertainments devised by committee.
The West Australian 1951-11-07 Impressive Scene at Swearing-In File Index Yes Charles Gairdner sworn in as Governor of WA by John Dwyer.
The West Australian 1951-11-19 "No Direction" On Southern Railway Route File Index No Minister for Railways denies rumours of new railway south of the river.
The West Australian 1951-12-15 Mayor Says Goodbye File Index No Frank Gibson retires after twenty-nine years.
The West Australian 1952-02-13 Industrial Area File Index No Letter to the Editor from 'Disgusted Ratepayer' complains about industry close to residential areas in Beaconsfield.
The West Australian 1952-02-20 Fremantle Caution on Losses by Trams File Index No "...possible ultimate liability of ratepayers for any losses on the local tramways arising out of the proposed taking over by the State Government of Fremantle's electricity undertaking."
The West Australian 1952-04-17 Electricity Agreement Signed For Fremantle File Index Yes Fremantle signs electric lighting over to State.
The West Australian 1952-04-17 How Refinery Will Look File Index Yes Artist's impression of how the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.'s new Kwinana refinery.
The West Australian 1952-05-22 Fremantle To Have New Bus Terminal File Index Yes New central transport terminal at Fremantle train station, with covered bus shelters, to be completed within eight months.
The West Australian 1952-06-17 Football Club Wants Permit For Liquor File Index No South Fremantle FC seeks licence for Fremantle Oval club rooms.
The West Australian 1952-06-17 Port Traffic Terminal: Talks Listed File Index No Special meeting of the Council to discuss new traffic terminal in front of the Fremantle Railway Station.
The West Australian 1952-06-24 New Bus Terminus At Port Opposed File Index No Transport operators and retail traders opposed to expense, holding-up of traffic, and wasting time.
The West Australian 1952-07-05 Library Board Holds Inaugural Meeting File Index Yes The Library Board of Western Australia met in the Executive Council room.
The West Australian 1952-07-22 A Tram May Be Used By A Church File Index No Disused Fremantle tram to be used as a Sunday school in Wilagee Park.
The West Australian 1952-07-22 Club Licence At Oval Is Supported File Index No Unanimous support for B. W. Lee's motion to allow the South Fremantle FC to apply for a liquor licence.
The West Australian 1952-07-22 Abolition of Trams to be Discussed File Index No Mayor to hold meeting to discuss trams, but "from the wording of the petition, he did not know whether the ratepayers want trams or not."
The West Australian 1952-07-25 Dustbins A Question Of "Economics" File Index No Residents requested to put dustbins somewhere convenient for collection, not neccessarily near the front gate.
The West Australian 1952-08-02 Sick Woman Does Dustman's Job File Index Yes Aged widow forced to carry her bins to the front gate.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1952-08-13 Dr. Burton's Visit File Index No Letter to the Editor from W. J. Cramp correcting information about John Burton and his relations with the Methodist Church.
The West Australian 1952-08-13 Burton Explains China's Germ Warfare Beliefs File Index No Australian's should investigate germ warfare because it may have been used in North Korea and China.
The West Australian 1952-08-13 Politics Not Considered File Index No Trinity Hall was not made available to Dr. Burton (for talks about China and germ warfare) through any political organisation.
The West Australian 1952-08-30 Free Library Expands At Fremantle File Index No Library to include East Fremantle residents. Library located in South Terrace.
The West Australian 1952-11-10 Civic Farewell For Port's Last Tram File Index No Mayor drove Fremantle's last tram.
The West Australian 1953-01-07 W.A.'s Place Names Cause Contention File Index No Varying pronunciation of place names.
The West Australian 1953-01-07 Fremantle Sees Latest In Ship Design File Index No Post-war development in ships' designs seen often in Fremantle.
The West Australian 1953-01-07 Proposed Bus Terminal At Fremantle File Index No Letter to the Editor from N. J. C. McCombe, the Town Clark of Fremantle, regarding objections to the proposed bus terminus outside the train station.
The West Australian 1953-01-07 Perth Of Future Seen As Centre Of Great Metropolis File Index Yes Perth will one day be the centre of a large metropolis, and planning should reflect this fact.
The West Australian 1953-01-28 Health Centre Is Planned For Fremantle File Index No First step taken towards new twenty-thousand-pound health centre.
The West Australian 1953-02-07 Port Appeal File Index No Support for British flood victims from local residents and the Returned Servicemen's League.
The West Australian 1953-02-16 At Fremantle File Index No Report on fundraising efforts for British flood victims.
The West Australian 1953-02-16 A "Sumersault" On Bus Project File Index No West Australian Transport Board reverses attitude to proposed bus terminus at Fremantle.
The West Australian 1953-02-17 Port Bus Dispute File Index No West Australian Transport Board would support a site for the new bus termial which "provided satisfactory access to and exit from [...] by buses"
The West Australian 1953-02-18 Fremantle's Buses File Index No Opinion piece about proposed bus terminal in Fremantle.
The West Australian 1953-02-23 Fremantle Is Thanked From London File Index No Lord Mayor of London thanks Fremantle flood relief donors.
The West Australian 1953-02-24 -- File Index No Flood relief appeal closed; 1339 pounds raised.
The West Australian 1953-02-28 Fremantle Transport Terminal File Index No Letter to the editor from E. M. Davies responding to the WA Transport Board's statements about the proposed transport terminal.
The West Australian 1953-03-07 The Last Of The 'Monsters' File Index No "The last Fremantle tram leaving the carbarn at Fremantle on a heavy semi-trailer truck."
The West Australian 1953-03-07 Fremantle Industry Is On Show File Index No Mayor is delighted with the success of the Fremantle industrial fair.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1953-03-18 -- File Index No Cartoon: "Protests from Britain, protests from America -- now here's one from the Fremantle City Council!"; "Fremantle Town Hall -- The Life and Work of Stalin -- March 4th".
The West Australian 1953-03-20 Symphone Concert File Index No Letter to the Editor thanking the ABC for a concert given at the Town Hall.
The West Australian 1953-03-31 Fremantle Cargoes File Index No Australian Stevedoring Industry Board attacks the Fremantle Harbour Trust in its annual report.
The West Australian 1953-04-24 Shipping At Port Is "Fairly Healthy" File Index No Although slightly down from the previous year, shipping in Fremantle is healthy.
The West Australian 1953-04-24 Service At Fremantle File Index No Announcement about Anzac Day ceremony to be held at the War Memorial.
The West Australian 1953-04-28 Fremantle Labour Provides Contrast File Index No Shortage of labour when the harbour is full (in contrast to Sydney and Melbourne).
The West Australian 1953-04-30 Vandalism Has Decreased File Index No Authorities notice decrease on beaches.
The West Australian 1953-05-09 Foundation Day File Index No Reflection upon the celebrations, in Fremantle or in Perth, of Foundation Day.
The West Australian 1953-05-09 The Queen And Duke Will Be Here For 6 1/2 Days File Index No Full programme of the royal visit.
The West Australian 1953-05-12 New Theatre Block At Fremantle Hospital File Index No New theatre block is finished and being used.
The West Australian 1953-05-23 Letter From U.S.A. Recalls 1886 Incident File Index No Letter received by Fremantle Mayor regarding an albatross that flew 5000 miles to Fremantle bearing a message from shipwrecked sailors.
The West Australian 1953-06-23 Mr. Menzies WIll Be In City Today File Index No Prime Minister to arrive in Fremantle on the Athenic, from Africa.
The West Australian 1953-07-21 Fremantle Considers A By-Pass File Index No FCC considering approach roads to the Kwinana oil refinery.
The West Australian 1953-07-21 Fremantle To Barter Over Lands File Index No FCC wants to barter endowed lands for Crown Lands.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1953-07-23 -- File Index No Humorous article about Jimmy Curruthers, bantamweight boxing champion of the world, and his visit to Fremantle.
The West Australian 1953-07-23 Oil Pipe-Line To Follow Highway File Index No Pipeline route from Fremantle to Kwinana will follow proposed "controlled acess highway".
The West Australian 1953-07-23 Fremantle Oil Line Proposed File Index No Proposal for pipeline route from Carrington Street to the traffic bridge.
The West Australian 1953-07-23 Kwinan Highway Will Cater For 60 M.P.H. File Index No Australia's first controlled-access highway will be constructed between Spearwood and Kwinana.
The West Australian 1953-07-23 New Road To Speed Traffic File Index No Description of the new traffic flow principles to be applied ot the Kwinana-Fremantle highway.
The West Australian 1953-07-24 Hilton Park Children Are Given A Practical Lesson In Civics File Index No Children participate in mock council meeting.
The West Australian 1953-07-24 The "Autobahn" File Index No Government shows foresight in building controlled access Kwinana-Fremantle highway.
The West Australian 1953-08-12 Fremantle Bus Fares Will Increase By 1d. File Index No "Bus fares on all routes operated by the Fremantle Municipal Transport Board would be increased by 1d. for one section, the transport manager (Mr. C. W. Jerrat) said yesterday."
The West Australian 1953-08-17 Tommy Trinder Arrives Here From New Zealand File Index No English commedian visits Fremantle, with his Rolls-Bentley car bearing the number plate 'TT 1'.
The West Australian 1953-09-04 Composting Of Refuse Urged In W.A. Plan File Index No "Towns and cities may be encouraged and assisted to turn garbage and other waste into valuable fertiliser, if the efforts of a W.A. man are successful." Contains tables of houshold refuse composition.
The West Australian 1953-09-05 Fremantle Awaits Compost Report File Index No "A full report on the fertiliser value of domestic rubbish composted at the Fremantle City Council's pilot plant will be submitted to the council."
The West Australian 1953-09-12 Decorations Transform Fremantle File Index No Floral displays: "Shops, banks and other properties competed keenly for prizes, and set-pieces were exhibited by schools and many public bodies in the grounds of St. John's Church."
The West Australian 1953-10-01 Monkey Business At Port Wildflower Exhibition File Index No "Two lion-tailed monkeys were an additional attraction at the annual wildflower show at the annual wildflower show at the Fremantle Town Hall yesterday afternoon and delighted children with their antics."
The West Australian 1953-10-01 Port Transport Terminal Plan Lacks Support File Index No "The Fremantle City Council had not had the support of transport operators and the transport authorities regarding the proposal to establish a public transport terminal outside the railway station."
The West Australian 1953-10-03 Placing "Brow" For The Queen At Fremantle File Index No "In watching the liner Corinthic berth at Fremantle on Thursday, much useful information was gained in deciding the exact position where the Royal "brow" (gangway) will be placed when the Queen boards the Gothic on April 1, at the end of her tour of Australia."
The West Australian 1953-10-17 Port Plans Its Decorations For Royal Tour File Index No "Plans for decorating Fremantle for the Royal visit next year will be outlined by the Mayor (Mr. W. F. Samson) at a meeting of port business men on Thursday."
The West Australian 1953-10-19 Fremantle Service Has Nelson Link File Index No The annual seefarers' service was held in Fremantle.
The West Australian 1953-10-19 Australia Is New Home For These Migrants File Index No Caption: "As the migrant ship Fairsea comes alongside at Fremantle yesterday, German migrants crowd the decks for the first look at their new homland.
The West Australian 1953-10-24 New Maternity Hospital Opened At Fremantle File Index No "A modern, 26-bed maternity hospital, in Dalgety-street, East Fremantle, costing a total of £77,000, was officially opened by the Minister for Health (Mr. Nulsen) yesterday."
The West Australian 1953-10-24 Civic Cleanliness File Index No Letter to the editor regarding the need to clean up the outer parts of Fremantle.
The West Australian 1953-11-10 A "Fremantle Review" File Index No The Governor, Sir Charles Gairdner, suggests that a flotilla of small boats give the Royal party a "gay and spectacular send-off".
The West Australian 1953-11-10 Fremantle Has A Preview Of What The Well-Dressed City Will Wear File Index No "Samples of decoration suitable for use during the Royal tour were shown to Fremantle business people at the Fremantle Town Hall yesterday."
The West Australian 1953-11-11 A Birthday Suprise For Mrs. Humble File Index No "One of Fremantle's oldest identities, Mrs. John Humble, was yesterday given a suprise party to celebrate her 90th birthday."
The West Australian 1953-11-17 Mayor Seeks Holiday At Tour End File Index No Mayor requests employers give their staff a half-day holiday on the day the Queen leaves.
The West Australian 1953-12-28 Three Fremantle Suburbs Show Steady Growth File Index No "In six years more than 4,300 people have settled in three sub-districts of the City of Fremantle -- Hilton Park, White Gum Valley, and Beaconsfield."
The West Australian 1954-01-07 Port's £9,509 File Index No Competition between Fremantle and Kalgoorlie to raise money for an unidentified fund.
The West Australian 1954-01-12 This Geography Lesson Was A Pleasure File Index No Schoolchildren from Wycheproof in Victoria are told about the future of fremantle by the Mayor.
The West Australian 1954-01-12 Beazley On An "Ideology" Of Conscience File Index No Kim Beazley MHR spoke at informal council meeting: "Moral rearmament is a potent ideology of the conscience. It attempts to find not who is right but what is right."
The West Australian 1954-01-27 Port Hostess Earns Approval File Index No Mayor's sister visits from Melbourne to act as hostess for the royal visit.
The West Australian 1954-01-28 Fremantle Passes £1,000 In Gift Fund Challenge File Index No "To the chairman of the Kalgoorlie Gift Fund committee: "Fremantle over the first hurdle of £1,000. How are you going?" This telegram was sent yesterday by the chairman of the Fremantle committee (Cr. W. Hughes)."
The West Australian 1954-01-30 Fremantle Plans A Royal Send-Off File Index No "As the queen broadcast her farewell last night to the people of New Zealand, a special meeting of the Fremantle City Council was being held to ensure that the Queen had a colourful welcome and farewell at Fremantle on April 1."
The West Australian 1954-01-30 Fremantle File Index No "At Fremantle, a city area will be closed to traffic (other than buses) between midday and 6 p.m." for the royal visit.
The West Australian 1954-02-03 Route Of Royal Tour File Index Yes Map showing the route that the Royal party will take on their tour of Australia.
The West Australian 1954-02-03 Fremantle Brings Happy Release File Index No "Not having been allowed ashore at three ports of call during a four-week voyage, 725 Continental migrants poured on to the wharf at Fremantle yesterday evening, rejoicing at their freedom."
The West Australian 1954-02-04 Ceremony To Honour Australia Day Held By British Cruiser File Index No "Soon after the British cruiser H.M.S. Ceylon berthed at Fremantle at 7.30 a.m. yesterday, an impressive ceremony was held as the 640 officers and men on board stood to attention while the White Ensign was unfurled and the ship was dressed in honour of Australia Day."
The West Australian 1954-02-08 How West Australians Can See The Queen File Index No "This is the first of a series of articles written by the State Director of the Royal Visit (Mr. R. H. Doig) to tell West Australians when and where they can see the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh while they are in this State."
The West Australian 1954-02-11 Ratepayers Will Vote On Fusion Of Port Areas File Index No "A referendum will be held among ratepayers of the East Fremantle Municipal Council to decide whether the district will amalgamate with the Fremantle City Council."
The West Australian 1954-02-19 Two Streets At Fremantle Get 'Face-Lift' File Index No "Phillimore and Cliff streets, Fremantle, the last streets which the Queen will drive along in Australia, are having a face-lift."
The West Australian 1954-02-19 Caravan Is New Clinic File Index No "Sister M. Turton greets her first "customers," Mrs. V. E. Murphy and her son Richard (8 months), outside the new infant health clinic caravan yesterday."
The West Australian 1954-03-02 Frementle Will See Queen As Tour Closes File Index No 20th in a series of articles about the Royal visit, detailing the route through Fremantle that the Queen and Duke will take on April 1st.
The West Australian 1954-03-03 Australia's Farewell Will Be Voiced In Song File Index No 21st in a series of articles about the Royal visit, detailing the arrangements at the warf where they Royal Party will board the S.S. Gothic.
The West Australian 1954-03-05 Fremantle To Get Another Berth File Index No "Preliminary work would begin immediately on construction of a new berth to make an eastward extension of North Quay in Fremantle Harbour, the Minister for Works (Mr. Tonkin) announced yesterday."
The West Australian 1954-03-11 Children At Port Oval 5,000 Fewer File Index No Due to the polio epidemic, "[h]alf of the 10,000 schoolchildren who were to have attended a civic reception to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in Fremantle Oval on April 1 will now not do so."
The West Australian 1954-03-15 Fremantle's Future File Index No "Fremantle, a growing city, is entitled to hope that before long it will have seen the last of the forbidding and unprepossessing metropolitan gaol..."
The West Australian 1954-03-16 Tuckfields Reach Home After Four-Year Voyage File Index No "Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Tuckfield sailed their 30ft. ketch Warroo into Fremantle Harbour yesterday, after having circumnavigatied Australia, with one conviction -- that they would never undertake the voyage again."
The West Australian 1954-03-19 Liner Reaches Fremantle On Her Maiden Voyage File Index No P&O liner Arcadia, which cost £1.5m less than the Sydney Harbour Bridge, arrived in Fremantle on her maiden voyage.
The West Australian 1954-03-24 A British Submarine At Fremantle After An Absence Of A Year File Index No "The war-famed submarine H.M.S. Thorough berthed at Fremantle yesterday morning -- just 12 months after its last visit here. She was on her way from Sydney to Singapore and Hong Kong."
The West Australian 1954-03-26 Fremantle File Index No Traffic statistics.
The West Australian 1954-04-10 Baby Clinic Now Comes To The Door File Index No 'Infant Health Caravan No. 1' visits mothers in outlying areas of Fremantle.
The West Australian 1954-04-10 No Masts To Dress File Index No "The liner Orsova was the first passenger ship to enter Fremantle harbour on a maiden voyage without masts fully dressed."
The West Australian 1954-04-22 Nwe Industries Proposed For Fremantle File Index No "The Fremantle City Council last night granted industrial areas to three new industries whose installations will be worth an estimated £140,000."
The West Australian 1954-04-22 Fremantle Gets An Air-Harbour Idea File Index No "A suggestion that plans be made for a flying-boat base near South Beach was placed before the Fremantle City Council last night by the Mayor (Mr. W. F. Samson)."
The West Australian 1954-04-22 Fremantle To Frame Service Station Plan File Index No "Applications to establish two new service stations in Fremantle were deferred by a meeting of the Fremantle City Council last night. The decisions were held over pending a definite council policy on the licensing and erection of service stations."
The West Australian 1954-04-22 In Fremantle File Index No Unknown parade: "In Fremantle, the parade will assemble in William-street at 2.45 p.m., the head of the column facing High-street."
The West Australian 1954-04-23 Wind At Fremantle Hampers Shipping File Index No "Squalls up to 70 miles an hour delayed the berthing of the 24,000 ton liner Orion for 2 1/2 hours at Fremantle yesterday, and blew the cargo vessel Deucalion 30ft. away from her berth at North Wharf."
The West Australian 1954-05-12 Refrigerated Madonna Is On Her Way To New Seas File Index No "With all three holds refrigerated, the 750-ton former corvette madonna enters Fremantle harbour yesterday on a delivery voyage to new owners at Lyttelton, New Zealand. She is probably the first completely "frozen" ship to visit Fremantle."
The West Australian 1954-05-18 Restriction On New Garages At Fremantle File Index No "A policy restricting the erection of petrol-selling service stations was adopted last night by the Fremantle City Council."
The West Australian 1954-05-21 Pouring Of First Concrete File Index No High Street gets W.A.'s first concrete pedestrian road surface.
The West Australian 1954-05-29 Workers Plan 58,820 £ Club File Index No "The Fremantle Workers' Social and Leisure Club (Inc.), which is 40 years old, will soon start the building of new £58,820 club rooms in Henry Street."
The West Australian 1954-06-03 Arrangements Are Complete At Fremantle File Index No Foundation Day ceremony plans complete.
The West Australian 1954-06-08 Port Ceremony Marks State's Foundation File Index No Caption: "Mrs. C. Tasker (90), of Bicton, assisted by the Mayor of Fremantle (Mr. W. F. Samson) and another official (back to camera), raises the flag while the Governor (Sir Charles Gairdner) looks up at the masthead during the Foundation Day ceremony at Fremantle yesterday."
The West Australian 1954-06-22 Port Negotiates On Bus-Station Site File Index No Site in Cantonment Street may be bought by the FCC for a bus station.
Unknown (Western Australia) 1954-06-24 City Discomfort File Index No Fremantle, not Perth, may be first to get a modern bus station.
Unknown (Western Australia) 1954-06-24 Fremantle's Mayoral Chain File Index No "Another link in Fremantle's gold chain of mayoral office is about to be forged by order of the council. The link will encircle a shield bearing the name of the 20th mayor (Mr. W. F. Samson), elected in September, 1951."
Unknown (Western Australia) 1954-07-06 Link Between Fremantle And Cape Town File Index No Mayor of Cape Town, after reading 'Western Gateway', writes to Fremantle regarding the engineer H. W. Reveley, who built Cape Town's St. Andrew's church, and many buildings in Fremantle.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1954-07-19 Peepshow by Kirwan Ward File Index No Detailing a letter from a school in Bilston requesting "information about the activities of the port of Fremantle".
The West Australian 1954-07-24 Local Boundries File Index No Letter to the Editor regarding inquiry into local government boundaries.
The West Australian 1954-08-06 Trucks For Cement Works Unloaded At Fremantle File Index No "Two heavy dumping trucks, the first of their kind in this State, were landed at Fremantle yesterday to be used by the Cockburn Cement Co. when it's £2,250,000 Spearwood works are completed."
The West Australian 1954-08-30 A New Ship Reaches Fremantle File Index No The freighter 'Whakatane' reached Fremantle on her maiden voyage, en route to New Zealand.
The West Australian 1954-08-31 Hole In Road At Fremantle File Index No Sinkhole at the intersection of Adelaide and Edward streets, due to the collapse of a 60-year-old stormwater drain.
The West Australian 1954-09-21 This Man Can Look Back 100 Years File Index No 100-y.o. Mahomet Allum remembers "the day Johnny Forrest turned on the water at Kalgoorlie", and has a 13-y.o. daughter.
The West Australian 1954-09-23 Oil Rig Unloaded From Ship At Fremantle File Index No "Winchmen needed a delicate touch to manoeuvre these long, awkward sections of the three-part drilling mast, a component of Associated Freney's National 55 rig, from the Pioneer Star at Fremantle yesterday."
The West Australian 1954-09-24 Former Prisoner-Of-War Brings The First German Trader To Fremantle File Index No Image only.
The West Australian 1954-09-27 Fewer Displays In Fremantle File Index No Fewer shops were decorated than in the previous year's Flower Day display.
The West Australian 1954-09-27 Plan For New Hotel At Willagee File Index No Permission has been granted for a new hotel to be built at the corner of High and Stock roads.
The West Australian 1954-10-22 A New Luxury Liner Is Due At Fremantle Today File Index No "The largest ship built in Belfast for 40 years -- the 29,614-ton P. & O. liner Iberia -- will end her maiden voyage to Australia at Fremantle today."
The West Australian 1954-10-22 Trafalgar Day Celebrated At Fremantle File Index No "Fremantle's link with Nelson was recalled at a gathering in the Mayor's parlour yesterday to celebrate the 149th anniversary of Trafalgar Day. The Mayor ... said that Capt. Charles Fremantle ... had sailed with Nelson in some of his greatest battles."
The West Australian 1954-10-28 Oronsay Will Have Little For Fremantle File Index No "The first vessel affected by the British dock strike to reach Australia will be the liner Oronsay, arriving at Fremantle next Thursday."
The West Australian 1954-10-30 Mrs. Curtin Is Guest At Fremantle Ceremony File Index No John Curtin HS foundation stone laid.
Daily News (Western Australia) 1954-11-04 A Man Can Have Too Many Memories... File Index No 86-y.o. Canon E. M. Collick feels retirement to be empty, after spending his life serving miners and indiginous people in the Goldfields.
The West Australian 1954-11-04 Pipeline From Kwinana Nears Completion File Index No 12-inch pipe from Kwinana to Fremantle Harbour. Picture of crane moving a section of pipe into place on the Fremantle Traffic Bridge.
The West Australian 1954-11-04 Lump It And Like It File Index No Caption: "STRIKE-BOUND Victoria Quay presented this scene today after the liner Oronsay had berthed from London. There was no one to handle the luggage of passengers leaving the ship here, so four hangs of crew members (one pictured) did the job."
The West Australian 1954-11-15 Fremantle Plans For Tomorrow File Index No "Fremantle shipping interests are preparing for the probability that tomorrow will mark the end of the 14-day waterfront strike. Waterside men meeting at the Fremantle Town Hall this morning will consider a back-to-work recommendation from their federal council.
The West Australian 1954-11-16 Two Issues Still Cloud Fremantle File Index No Lumpers to return to work, but are unsure about getting leave credits for the quarter, and of who will fill port quotas after the recent legislation. Standing room only at the Town Hall meeting.
The West Australian 1954-12-23 Traffic Bridge Will Get Roundabout File Index No Proposal to construct a roundabout at the southern end of the bridge.
The West Australian 1954-12-23 Water Shortage In Hilton Park File Index No Residents without water for 26 hours; forced to cart from a truck.
The West Australian 1955-01-10 Stirling's "Best Anchorage" Comes Into Its Own File Index No Cockburn Sound's anchorage properties; first tanker to Kwinana oil refinery; future possibilities.
The West Australian 1955-02-08 Governor's Early-Morninng Visit File Index No "The Governor (Sir Charles Gairdner) met the lumpers in an informal four-hour visit to the Fremantle waterfront yesterday morning."
The West Australian 1955-02-22 Clinic Grant File Index No "The minister for Health (Mr. Nulsen) yesterday approved of £1,500 being made available towards the erection of an infant health clinic at Hilton Park.
The West Australian 1955-03-06 New Metropolitan Boundaries File Index No "This map shows the new electoral boundaries in the metropolitan area."
The West Australian 1955-03-10 Federal Seat Limits Not Much Changed File Index No "Federal electoral boundaries in W.A. have not been largely redrawn under the redistribution proposals announced yesterday."
The West Australian 1955-03-12 Fremantle Has Unusual Parking Problem File Index No Motorists failing to use Parry Street carpark, but double-parking elsewhere.
The West Australian 1955-03-17 Guests Were Thirsty File Index No "Sixty schoolboy cricketers from four States who crowded the Mayor's parlour at Fremantle yesterday as guests of the Mayor (Mr. W. F. Samson) slaked their thirst in yesterday's heat with more than 200 bottles of soft drinks."
The West Australian 1955-03-22 Fremantle Loses Link With Historic Past File Index No "One of Fremantle's last human links with an historic past has be severed with the death of Mrs. Mary Humble, aged 91."
The West Australian 1955-04-16 Port's Cheque Brings Thanks From Premier File Index No "The Mayor of Fremantle (Mr. F. Samson) has received a letter from the Premier of New South Wales (Mr. J. J. Cahill) thanking him for the first instalment of £1,900 for flood relief from Fremantle citizens."
The West Australian 1955-04-21 Wool Store Begins £1,000,000 Project File Index No "A £350,000 wool store to be built at South Fremantle will be the first stage of a £1,000,000 project for Westralian Farmers Co-operative Ltd."
The West Australian 1955-04-26 On Memorial Hill File Index No "Five thousand people attended the Anzac commemoration ov Memborial Hill, overlooking Fremantle and the harbour."
The West Australian 1955-05-13 Ratepayers Fight Against Amalgamation File Index No "Thirty-one residents of East Fremantle will conduct a house-to-house canvas to get signatures of East Fremantle ratepayers on a petition protesting against the proposed amalgamation of their municipal council with the Fremantle City Council."
The West Australian 1955-05-16 Notice Requiring Persons To Submit To X-Ray Examination File Index No Tuberculosis examinations required.
The West Australian 1955-05-18 Fremantle Has Slow Gang Rate File Index No Australian Stevedoring Industry Board annual report for 1953-54 says that "[o]f all the ports for capital cities of Australian States, Fremantle has the slowest gang rate for loading and discharging cargo."
The West Australian 1955-05-20 Compulsory Chest X-Ray Survey Of Fremantle File Index No Timetable of x-ray examinations for tuberculosis.
The West Australian 1955-05-21 They Plot The Port-To-Be: Civic Block In Lieu Of Gaol File Index No "Fremantle's future civic centre should be the central and commanding site of the Fremantle gaol which should eventually be taken over byt the City Council for this purpose, the regional plan suggests."
The West Australian 1955-05-25 Town Planner Sees A New Perth File Index No "The only way to reduce Perth's parking problem was to increase public transport facilities, Professor Gordon Stephenson, town planning authority, said last night."
The West Australian 1955-05-27 Foundation Day Observance File Index No "Foundation Day celebrations will be held on the Esplanade at Fremantle on Monday, June 6.
The West Australian 1955-06-02 Fremantle Charms Expert (And Wife) File Index No "Professor Gordon Stephenson stuck a bright feather in Fremantle's cap when he talked to the West Australian branch of the Australian Planning Institute on the metropolitan regional plan." He likes Fremantle, and so does his wife.
The West Australian 1955-06-04 The State Will Remember Its Pioneers File Index No "Pioneer statesmen and colonists will be honoured tomorrow and on Monday when the 126th anniversary of the foundation of the colony of Western Australia is commemorated."
The West Australian 1955-06-07 Pioneers Admire Foundation Day Cake File Index No "Four survivors of a pioneer family of nine children gathered around a ceremonial cake at the Foundation Day dinner held yesterday in Fremantle Town Hall to honour district pioneers."
The West Australian 1955-06-07 Past Challenges Our Generation File Index No "A challenge to the present generation to match the spirit of the poineers in building for the future was the theme of all speakers at the annual Foundation Day ceremony held yesterday on Fremantle Esplanade."
The West Australian 1955-06-10 Council Officers To Get Protection File Index No "The Government will go as far as possible to protect the interests of local government officers affected by the forth-coming amalgamations of local authorities."
The West Australian 1955-06-16 Local Authorities Protest Against Mergers File Index No "The Nedlands Road Board and the Claremont Municipal Council appealed yesterday against their proposed amalgamation and the East Fremantle Council asked the Premier (Mr. Hawke) to stop their amalgamation with the City of Fremantle."
The West Australian 1955-06-29 Reclaimed Land At Port Sets Problem File Index No "Civil servants in five State Government departments have scratched their heads about who owns a sandy 1 1/2 acre no-man's land lapped by the sea at Fremantle."
The West Australian 1955-07-01 Frees Moved From Park File Index No Trees in "Pioneer Park, Fremantle, are being lifted from their beds by crane and truck and 'tucked' in again ... in freshly-made beds at the Naval Depot, H.M.A.S. Leeuwin."
The West Australian 1955-07-16 Roundhouse May Face Destruction File Index No "Fremantle's 124-year-old Roundhouse, claimed to be the oldest public building in the State, may eventually face destruction in the interests of port development."
The West Australian 1955-07-19 Mayor Says Roundhouse Must Stay File Index No "He was determined that the 124-year-old Fremantle Roundhouse would never be moved or destroyed in the interests of 'progress,' the Mayor of Fremantle (Mr. W. F. Samson) said yesterday."
The West Australian 1955-07-20 Port Expansion Brings A Traffic Worry File Index No Statistics about traffic at the intersection of Market and High streets.
The West Australian 1955-07-20 Councils Reject Talks On Amalgamation File Index No North and East Fremantle Councils refuse to talk about amalgamation with Fremantle.
The West Australian 1955-07-20 Fremantle Will Urge Limited Highway Ban File Index No Council may ban parking on Canning Highway.
The West Australian 1955-07-27 Vice-Admiral Meets Local Service Heads File Index No "The First Naval Member (Vice-Admiral R. R. Dowling) continued his inspection of all West Australian naval estabilshments yesterday."
The West Australian 1955-07-28 Fremantle Will Extend In November File Index No State Government and FCC to go ahead with East Fremantle/Fremantle amalgamation, despite protests.
The West Australian 1955-08-02 Mayor Proposes M.R.A. Ideals For Parliament File Index No "The Mayor of Fremantle (Mr. W. F. Samson) last night commended the principles of Moral Rearmament to the West Australian Parliament."
The West Australian 1955-08-06 A Fremantle File Index No [Editorial?] FCC has good planning and development priorities.
The West Australian 1955-08-08 Port Prepares To Widen Streets File Index No "By-laws widening the building lines in 13 of Fremantle's key streets have now come into force. They affect nearly 4 1/2 miles of roadway and provide for additional widths of 22ft. to 38ft. 6in."
The West Australian 1955-08-10 Old Flats Will Go In Fremantle File Index No "The old Base Flats in South-terrace, Fremantle, which were used as an Army base hospital in World War I, are likely to disappear soon."
The West Australian 1955-08-16 Sea Alters Shoreline File Index No Storm washes away a great deal of South Beach.
The West Australian 1955-08-17 Port Gives To Appeal File Index No FCC gives 1000 pounds to Medical School Appeal.
The West Australian 1955-08-18 Damaged By Storms, Beaches Set Big Problem File Index No Storms damage many metropolitan beaches.
The West Australian 1955-08-18 The West Australian/1955/08/18/ File Index No View of Fremantle from footbridge across railway yards from Victoria Quay.
The West Australian 1955-08-20 Mr. Samson's Tree File Index No Editorial regarding the heritage value of trees in Fremantle, especially one that Mayor Samson planted in 1898.
The West Australian 1955-08-20 Fig Tree Gets A Reprieve File Index No Samson's fig tree in Ellen Street to be lopped, not felled.
The West Australian 1955-08-24 Right Atmosphere File Index No "Members of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union found an atmosphere in sympathy with their outlook when their national president (Mrs. M. L. Chesterfield) was given a mayoral reception."
The West Australian 1955-12-01 Alterations To Fremantle Electorate File Index No Electorate boundaries adjusted prior to election.
The West Australian 1955-12-06 Port Rates To Remain Unchanged File Index No FCC decides to not increase rates.
The West Australian 1955-12-07 E. Fremantle Strikes Higher Rate File Index No East Fremantle increases rates.
The West Australian 1955-12-07 Cliff Blasted To Make Way For Fremantle Bus Bay File Index No Limestone cliffs blasted at southern end of Traffic Bridge to make room for bus bay and roundabout.
The West Australian 1955-12-15 Fists Flail As Election Gale Hits The Port File Index No Police called to Anti-Communist meeting at Fremantle Town Hall.
The West Australian 1956-01-17 Board Combs The World For Books File Index No State Library looks world-wide for rare books requested by readers.
The West Australian 1956-01-24 Lumpers Gather In Heat File Index No Lumpers meet at Town Hall and endorse strike decision.
The West Australian 1956-01-27 Bibles Given At Fremantle File Index No Twenty-one migrants take oath of allegiance at Australia Day ceremony.
The West Australian 1956-03-02 Nwe Harbour Berth Built On Dry Land File Index No No. 10 berth being built while dredging brings the water up to it.
The West Australian 1956-03-17 Civic Library Honours M.L.C. File Index No New Evan Davies Civic Livrary opened in South Terrace.
The West Australian 1956-04-07 Mountbattens To Be Busy File Index No First Sea Lord of the Admiralty (Earl Mountbatten) and Countess Mountbatten coming to Perth on Friday next.
The West Australian 1956-04-13 Port's Mayor Going Abroad File Index No Mayor Samson leaving for six-month holiday in England.
The West Australian 1956-04-16 Mountbattens Are Informal Guests File Index No Mountbattens tour Perth and Fremantle, "winning hearts" all around.
The West Australian 1956-04-17 Hospital Granted £50,000 File Index No Expansion and improvement to Fremantle Hospital.
The West Australian 1956-04-17 Fremantle Mayor Prepares For A Six-Month Holiday File Index No Mayor to compete in Queens' Prize shoot with his 0.303in. Lee Enfield service rifle, while on holiday in England.
The West Australian 1956-05-08 Storm-Driven Waves Bite Deep Into South Beach Shoreline File Index No "High seas and ealy-morning winds reaching 60 m.p.h. yesterday upset shipping schedulse and took the first seasonal bite from South Beach, Fremantle."
The West Australian 1956-05-11 Hilton Park Gets New Baby Clinic File Index No New infant health clinic in Hilton Park opened yesterday.
The West Australian 1956-05-15 Wild Seas Tear Out Pines And Scar Foreshore File Index No 20 to 30 pine trees were uprooted at South Beach yesterday, along with picnic shelters and power-poles.
The West Australian 1956-06-01 Many Will Observe Foundation Day File Index No Businesses will close for Foundation Day.
The West Australian 1956-06-04 Royal Navy Men March Today File Index No 100 men from H.M.S. Newfoundland will take part in Foundation Day ceremonies.
The West Australian 1956-06-05 Parade Recalls Scene Of 1829 File Index No Royal Marines paraded at Foundation Day ceremony; one fainted.
The West Australian 1956-06-07 Waterside Workers Overflow Hall At Crowded Port Meeting File Index No
The West Australian 1956-06-12 Over Went The Sea -- And So Did He File Index No Cyclist knocked over by waves on Marine Terrace.
The West Australian 1956-07-09 Landmark At Fremantle Comes Crashing Down File Index No Fremantle Gas and Coke Co. chimney demolished.
The West Australian 1956-07-20 £9,000 Clinic Opened In Fremantle File Index No "A modern dental clinic for children was opened in Fremabntle yesterday afternoon by the chairman of the Lotteries Commission (Mr. L. J. Triat)."
The West Australian 1956-08-27 New Church Home Will House Aged File Index No Catholic church opens new old person's home in Collick Street, Hilton Park.
The West Australian 1956-09-18 Top Service Men Retire File Index No "Capt. J. K. Walton, Naval Officer in Charge of Western Australia, and Air Commodore M. O. Watson, Air Officer Commanding the Western Area" are retiring, and "were given a civic reception in the Fremantle Town Hall yesterday."
The West Australian 1956-11-08 Nelson Letter At Fremantle File Index No "Descendants of the man after whom Fremantle is named have given to the city 57-year-old photostats fo priceless historic letters now in the possession of Sir Winston Churchill."
The West Australian 1956-11-10 Mayor Suggests A Welcome For The Governor File Index No Mayor Samson suggests giving Governor Gairdner a "warm welcome" when he returns in November.
The West Australian 1957-02-20 Prisoners Idle In Packed Goal File Index No Mayor Samson is concerned about prisons being under-employed (with tasks such as watering the lawns with cans) in Fremantle Prison.
The West Australian 1957-02-22 Workless Men Want Action File Index No "About 300 workless people supported motions designed to end unemployment in Western Australia during a two-hour meeting in the Fremantle Town Hall last night."
The West Australian 1957-03-07 Rush For Seaweed File Index No Seaweed being gathered by the council and given away to residents.
The West Australian 1957-05-01 Plaque Is A Link With First Railway File Index No Mayor Samson produces plaque commemorating first government-owned railway line in W.A.
The West Australian 1957-05-15 Trust Gives Reasons For Site Of Port Terminal File Index No "F. W. E. Tydeman, general manager, Fremantle Harbour Trust: It is suggested in a letter to the Editor that a passenger terminal planned for the inner harbour should be integral with the town planning of the adjacent city."
The West Australian 1957-05-23 Port Tip To Be Closed File Index No South Fremantle tip to be closed to private and trade depositors from June 4th.
The West Australian 1957-05-25 Pioneer Will Hoist Flag File Index No "A woman [Mrs. R. M. Wray] who was born in Fremantle 85 years ago and whose husband was mayor of the city from 1915 to 1918 will take part in this year's Foundation Day celebrations at Fremantle on June 3."
The West Australian 1957-06-04 1829 Recalled At Fremantle File Index No Foundation Day ceremony watched by more than 2,000 people on the Fremantle Esplanade. Rose Wray, who was to hoist the flag, died on the 2nd.
The West Australian 1957-09-06 Appeal Begins In Fremantle File Index No Committee formed to raise money for "an occupational centre for mentally retarded children".
The West Australian 1957-11-21 Shamful Rumour Slurs School File Index No Rumours being spread about teenaged pregnancies at John Curtin High School.
The West Australian 1957-11-22 How That Nasty Rumour Spread File Index No "Woman member of a religious sect" spreading rumours about John Curtin High School pupils.
The West Australian 1958-02-19 Dust Petition Brings Action File Index No "Businesses in the South Fremantle quarry area will be ordered to pave their grounds and seal private roads to prevent the spreading of dust."
The West Australian 1958-02-20 Plan For Naval Base In Fremantle Harbour File Index No "F. Bryce Morris, West Perth: While fully in accord with the need for a naval base in Western Australia, I feel that there is little hope of interesting the Commonwealth Government unless some concrete plan covering the requirements and proposing a definite site is put forward."
The West Australian 1958-02-25 Bill Plans A New Trust For Beaches File Index No "A trust to control and improve all metropolitan ocean beaches is proposed in a draft Bill being prepared by Wembley Beaches M.L.A. Fred Marshall."
The West Australian 1958-02-26 Beach Plan Widely Supported File Index No "Most metropolitan local authorities agree in principle to the proposed establishment of a trust to control and improve metropolitan beaches between Coogee and Sorrento." Including a summary of various local authorities' views.
The West Australian 1958-02-27 Why We Need A Beach Trust File Index Yes Discussion of various lacking and/or desirable amenities for Perth's beaches. Map of popular metropolitan beaches. Photo of Ampol Beach, North Fremantle.
The West Australian 1958-03-03 Shipping Slump Hits Fremantle File Index Yes Shipping continues year-long downward trend; retail and employment in Fremantle suffering. Photo of harbour.
The West Australian 1958-03-06 Old Memories Revived File Index No Town Hall hosts gathering to pay tribute to retiring Fred Mann, outgoing secretary of the Fremantle Trades Hall.
The West Australian 1958-05-27 Fremantle To Hold Festival File Index No Eight committees formed to organise "Fremantle's Festival of the Western Gateway" in October.
The West Australian 1958-06-02 Foundation Day In Fremantle File Index No "The annual Foundation Day flag-raising ceremony will take place at 10.30 a.m. in Fremantle today."
The West Australian 1958-06-02 Lamb Wins By-Election File Index No Cecil Lamb elected to represent City Ward of the Fremantle City Council.
The West Australian 1958-06-03 Big Crowd At Port Honours W.A. Founding File Index No Hoisting of the Union Jack at Foundation Day ceremony on the Esplanade: "Walking steadily to the flagpole with Fremantle mayor W. F. Samson, Mrs. Edith Mews quickly ran the flag to the top and then in a clear, firm voice, thanked the several thousand on-lookers for coming."