Wings of the Black Death

The Spider December 1933.jpg

The Wings of the Black Death hovered over plague-stricken New York—and Richard Wentworth gambled life itself to save the city which cursed his name—fighting a desperate struggle against the vicious, twin attacks of the law and the underworld!


  1. The Spider Returns
  2. "Spider, You Must Die!"
  3. Flight — and Challenge
  4. "Shoot to Kill"
  5. The Black Death
  6. The Spider Unmasked
  7. Through the Flames
  8. The Plague Again
  9. The Voice on the Wire
  10. Great Apollo
  11. Virginia's Clue
  12. Wentworth Views the Plague
  13. A Shot in the Dark
  14. Wholesale Death
  15. "Is That a Confession?"
  16. Nita Cries Vengeance
  17. The Cave of the Pigeons
  18. Doom of The Plague
  19. Kirkpatrick is Generous

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