With Hearts Truly Grateful

For other English-language translations of this work, see Adeste Fideles.
With Hearts Truly Grateful  (1830) 
Anonymous, translated by Anonymous

1. With hearts truly grateful,
Come all ye faithful,
To Jesus, to Jesus in Bethlehem;
See Christ your Saviour,
Heaven's greatest favour.

    Let's hasten to adore Him:
    Let's hasten to adore Him:
    Let's hasten to adore Him:
    Our God and King.

2. God to God equal Light of Light eternal;
Carried in Virgin's ever spotless womb.
He all preceded,
Begotten not created. Chorus

3. Angels now praise Him,
Loud their voices raising,
The heavenly mansions with joy now ring.
Praise, honor, glory,
To Him who is most holy. Chorus

4. To Jesus, born this day,
Grateful homage repay;
To Him who all heavenly gifts doth bring.
Word uncreated,
To our flesh united. Chorus