Woman's Who's Who of America, 1914-15/BURT, Mary Elizabeth

2002372Woman's Who's Who of America, 1914-15 — BURT, Mary Elizabeth

BURT, Mary Elizabeth, Coytesville, N.J.

Writer, editor, teacher; b. Lake Geneva, Wis.; ed. Lake Geneva public school; Anna Moody's Acad.; Oberlin Coll., one year; completed full college course with private teachers. Taught in public schools of Chicago, 1868-90, except one year when was principal grammar dep't, River Fall (Wis.) Normal School; teacher of literature in Cook County Normal School with Col. T. W Parker, 1887-90; private school, N.Y. City, 1893-1905. Chairman Com. on Drawing, Chicago Board of Education, 1890-93; stood for Socratic and Froebelian methods, manual training, equal pay for primary teachers and psychological methods on the teaching of reading. Wrote on educational subjects for Atlantic Monthly Chautauquan, Ill. School Journal, Lake Geneva News, Critic, Inter-Ocean, Unity, etc. Delivered lectures before Nat. Educational Ass'n, 1889, Inst, of Pedagogy, St Louis, 1890; State Teachers Ass'n, Ill., 1889; Boston Educational Meeting, 1892; Teachers Ass'n, Indianapolis, 1892; Coll. for Training of Teachers, Cambridge, England, 1898, etc. Author: Seed Thoughts from Browning, 1885; Browning's Women, 1886; Birds and Bees (edited from the essays of John Burroughs), 1885; Literary Landmarks, 1887; Bees, A Study from Virgil, 1890; Story of the German Iliad, 1892; The World's Literature, 1890; Stories from Plato and Other Classic Writers, 1894; Little Nature Studies for Little People, from the works of John Burroughs, who collaborated, 1895; The Child-Life Chart, 1896; The Burt-Markham Primer, Edward Mark ham collaborating, 1908. Initiative editor of the Scribner Reading Series, 1894-1904, collaborating with Z. Ragozin in Odysseus, the Hero of Ithaca, and Herakles, Hero of Thebes; with Lucy Cable and G. W. Cable in The Cable Story Book; with Mary Cable In The Eugene Field Book; with Mildred Howells in The Literary Primer and The Howells Story Book; with Lucy Cable in Don Quixote; with Julia Elizabeth Langworthy in Fanciful Tales from Stockton, and with Mrs. Elizabeth Custer in The Boy General; Poems Every Child Should Know, 1904; Prose Every Child Should Know, 1908; The Marvellous Adventures of Pinocchio, 1909; Stories and Poems from Kipling Every Child Should Know, 1910, etc. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Ill. Woman's Press Ass'n, Round Table Club (Teachers College).