Copyright 1919 by R. CRONAU
New York.


America, the History of Its Discovery. 2 vols., with 545 illustrations and 37 maps. (Leipzig 1890-92.) Award World's Columbian Exposition.
America, historia de su escubrimiento. 3 vols., with several hundred illustrations and maps. (Barcelona 1892.) Award World's Columbian Exposition.
From Wonderland to Wonderland, Sketches of American Life and Scenery. With 50 heliogravures. (Leipzig 1886.)
Through the Wild West, Journeys of an Artist through the Prairies and Rocky Mountains of America. Illustrated.(Braunschweig 1890.)
Travels in the Land of the Sioux Indians. (Leipzig 1886.)
Our Wasteful Nation; the Story of American Prodigality and the Abuse of Our National Resources. Illustrated. (New York 1908.)
Three Centuries of German Life in the United States, with 210 illustrations. (Berlin 1909.) Award by the University of Chicago.
Illustrative Cloud Forms for the Guidance of Observers in the Classification of Clouds. U. S. Publication No. 112.
Washington, D. C. 1897.)


In the Realm of Clouds and Gods. Illustrated with 25 color-prints.
Three Great Questions in American History Answered. With many maps and illustrations.