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MRS. A. LITSNER DE FERE.jpgMRS. A. LITSNER DE FERE DE FERE, Mrs. A. Litsner, musician and voice-trainer, was born in Hungary. She was educated in Germany, and from her earliest youth displayed wonderful aptitude and taste for music and singing. When she was fourteen years old, she appeared in public for the first time, having been chosen to sing a solo part in a festival in Mainz, Germany. The success she achieved on that occasion was such that it was determined that she should pursue a musical career. She presented herself at the customary examination of the National Conservatory of Music, of Paris, and was at once admitted. After four years of study she won two second prizes for singing and opera, and the next year she obtained two first prizes also for singing and opera, which were unanimously awarded to her. A gold medal, yearly awarded to the best singer by the Academie des Beaux-Arts, was also bestowed upon her. Having completed her studies, she was engaged as prima donna in the opera of Paris, Lyon, Marseilles and Bordeaux. She sang in Belgium and Germany, and, having returned to her native country, she was received with enthusiasm at the National Opera of Pesth. Later she sang with great success in the West Indies, and finally went to New York, where she resolved to devote herself to the instruction of singing. She made a study of classical music and constantly sought to improve her method, which seeks the perfection of the vocal instrument and of the quality of the sound. She settled in New York in 1876 and taught vocal music there until 1883, when she removed to Brooklyn and formed her conservatory of music. In New York she taught in the schools of Mrs. Sylvanus Reed, of the Misses Charbonnier, of the Charliers and of Dr. and Mrs. Van Norman. Her home is now in Brooklyn, where she is firmly established. Mrs. De Fere combines the French and Italian methods of singing in her system. Her husband, Eugene De Fere, a graduate of the University of Paris, assists her in the conduct and management of the De Fere Conservatory. Mrs. De Fere has won the palm of "Officier d' Academie " in Paris, France, a distinction enjoyed by only one other woman in the United States, Madam Minnie Hauk.