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HILL, Mrs. Agnes Leonard, author, was born in Louisville, Ky. Her father, Dr. Oliver Langdon Leonard, was a native of Springfield, Mass., his mother belonging to the well-known Langdon family. He was locally prominent, forty years ago, for his scholastic attainments and literary ability. He was president of the Masonic College in La Grange. Ky., just before the Civil War, and afterwards president of Henry Female College, New Castle, Ky. AGNES LEONARD HILL A woman of the century (page 389 crop).jpgAGNES LEONARD HILL. In the latter college Mrs. Hill was graduated in 1862, and the following year she went to Chicago, where she became the wife, in the autumn of 1868, of Dr. S. E. Scanland, a native of Kentucky, who died about two years after marriage. On 15th May, 1872, Mrs. Agnes Leonard Scanland became the wife of Samuel Howe Hill, of Bangor, Me. Mrs. Hill's mother was a native of Kentucky, and was born of Virginian parentage. In her veins Rowed the blood of the Howards and Percys. She died in Louisville, leaving three children. Placed in boarding-school at an early age. and having no home duties in her youth, Mrs. Hill developed literary tastes and habits. She wrote verses at the age of eight years, and George D. Prentice, then editor of the Louisville "Journal," began to publish her verses when she was only thirteen years of age. Mrs. Hill has done editorial work for the Chicago "Tribune," "Times," "News" and the Leadville "Dispatch," edited by her brother, Percy Allan Leonard. She has three volumes of poetry and a novel, "The Specter of Gray Gulch," a story of Colorado, about ready for publication. Her last work published is "Hints On How to Talk." In her early girlhood she published three books, but does not consider any of them worthy of preservation. She was the founder of "Western Society," a weekly paper started in Denver, Col., in December, 1888, afterwards changed to "Home and Society." Mrs. Hill's lectures in Denver University and other places have been both profitable and congenial work. She has four children, three daughters and a son, all of whom have manifested literary ability.