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Woman of the Century/Alice Bellvadore Sams Turner

TURNER, Mrs. Alice Bellvadore Sams, physician, born near Greencastle, Iowa, 13th March, 1859. She was the second of a family of four children. She attended country schools and assisted in household duties until 1873, when she ALICE BELLVADORE SAMS TURNER A woman of the century (page 737 crop).jpgALICE BELLVADORE SAMS TURNER. entered college in Indianola, Iowa. From that time until 1878 she was alternately engaged as teacher and pupil. On 21st October, 1878, she became the wife of Lewis C. Turner, who was making a like struggle for education. The first year after their marriage they were engaged in teaching, and the next year they entered school. Her husband gave instruction in penmanship and drawing, which paid for their books and tuition. Mrs. Turner, besides her school work, superintended and did a great portion of the work herself for boarders among their classmates, thus helping further to defray expenses. In 1880, in their last year's work, the school building where they were studying, in Mitchellville, Iowa, was sold for a State industrial institution, and they had to relinquish the goal so nearly won. They at once entered the medical school in Keokuk, Iowa. There, in addition to their school work, they held the positions of steward and matron of the hospital for one year. In October, 1881, a daughter was born to them. Dr. Turner entered her class when her babe was a month old, and was graduated in February, 1884, with high rating. They went to Colfax, Iowa, where they located for the practice of their profession, in their native county, and where they enjoy a large and lucrative practice. Besides their general practice, they have established an infirmary or the cure of inebriety. Dr. Turner is a student, a conscientious physician, a frequent contributor to the public press, and a prime mover in every cause for the betterment of humanity.