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BLONDNER, Mrs. Aline Reese, musician and educator, born in Georgia. She received a classical education from her father, Rev. Augustus Reese, a graduate of Oxford College. Her first musical instruction was given to her by her mother. Celeste Dewel Reese, who was educated in Troy Female Seminary. Troy, N. Y. Aline played at first sight, when eight years of age, with facility and skill, memorizing with rapidity and exciting the admiration of all who heard her play, when, as a tiny child, she appeared in many public exhibitions, executing on the piano compositions which required technical skill and ability. She received ALICE REESE BLONDNER.jpgALICE REESE BLONDNER. further musical education from Prof. George Briggs on piano, violin and guitar, and on the organ from Prof. Charles Blondner, of Philadelphia, in 1878 she took lessons from Prof. Asger Hamerik, of Baltimore. In 1879 she went to Leipsic, Germany, where she took private lessons from Herr Carl Reinecke for two years. In the summer of 1881 she went to Weimar, where Liszt received her as a pupil. Mrs. Blondner is now teaching in her own studio in Nashville, Tenn. She has a class in the Nashville College for Young Ladies. She is organist in the First Baptist Church and is widely Known as pianist, organist and teacher.