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ALMA CARRIE CUMMINGS.jpgALMA CARRIE CUMMINGS. CUMMINGS, Mrs. Alma Carrie, journalist, born in Columbia, N. H., 21st March, 1857. Her father, Abner L. Day, was a farmer in moderate circumstances, and she had only the advantages in childhood of a common-school education. On 27th January, 1875, she became the wife of Edwin S. Cummings, at that time a compositor in the office of the "Northern Sentinel." A little later that paper was consolidated with the Colebrook "Weekly News." the result being the "News and Sentinel." Mr. Cummings in 1885 purchased the plant and. until his death, two years later. Mrs. Cummings went daily to the office and materially aided her husband in advancing the prosperity of the new paper. His sudden death left the business in what Mrs. Cummings aptly termed the "usual unsettled condition of a country newspaper office." Instead of disposing of the property at a sacrifice, she determined to hold it and. if possible, improve it, and in that endeavor she has succeeded far beyond her expectations. As editor and proprietor she has enlarged the circulation, increased the volume of news, secured more advertising, and in short has made the "News and Sentinel" a valuable paper for northern New Hampshire. Mrs. Cummings has two children, and to these and to her paper she devotes her life and enemies.