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FALL, Mrs. Anna Christy, lawyer, born in Chelsea, Mass., 23rd April, 1855. She acquired her early education in the public schools of that city, graduating from the high school in 1873 Six years later she entered the College of Liberal Arts of Boston University. There she was graduated in ANNA CHRISTY FALL.jpgANNA CHRISTY FALL. 1883 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. She at once commenced a post-graduate course of study, and in 1884 received the degree of Master of Arts. The following September she became the wife of one of her class-mates, George Howard Fall, of Maiden. Mass., who was then teaching, but who immediately after marriage commenced the study of law. Five years later she began the study of law, having become deeply interested in it as a result of going into court and taking notes for her husband, who had meanwhile entered upon the practice of his profession in Boston, Mass. In March, 1889. she entered the Boston University Law School. In December, 1890, while still a student in the school, she took the examination for admission to the Boston bar, bring the only woman among forty applicants. Twenty-eight of these, including Mrs. Fall, succeeded in passing and were sworn in before the Supreme Court of Massachusetts the following January. In June, 1891, Mrs. Fall graduated from the law school, taking the honor of magna cum laude. During the following autumn and winter she lectured in various parts of the State on the "Position of Women under the Massachusetts Law," and kindred subjects. She is now, although the mother of two children, engaged with her husband in the practice of law, and in November, 1891, won her first case before a jury, one of the ablest and most noted lawyers of Massachusetts being the principal counsel on the opposite side. That case was the first jury case in Massachusetts tried by a woman. Mrs. Fall is at present a member of the Maiden School Board.