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BRADEN, Mrs. Anna Madge, author, born in Pennsylvania near historic Valley Forge. She is of English and German descent, and her ancestors have lived in or near Philadelphia, Pa., for over a century and a half. Her father is John Conver Rile. Her mother's maiden name was Frantz. She is fifth in direct line of descent from Gen. Joseph Reed, of Revolutionary fame, his daughter being her great-grandmother. In 1880 she was married to Findley Braden, of Ohio, and they now reside in Philadelphia. For six years before her marriage she wrote under her maiden name, Madge Rile, and several pen-names, but since her marriage she adopted her husband's name, signing her articles Mrs. Tindley Brayden. She began writing for the newspapers and magazines when but a school-girl of fifteen. It is her life-work, and she thoroughly enjoys it. She has written over seven-hundred humorous and pathetic sketches, poems and serials, many of which have appeared in the secular journals of New York, Boston and Philadelphia. She has also written a number of songs that have found their way into public favor She is equally at home in the five dialects, Scotch, Irish. Negro, Dutch and Quaker. She is a fine elocutionist and is a graduate of the National School of Elocution and Oratory, Philadelphia. ANNA MADGE BRADEN.jpgANNA MADGE BRADEN. Mrs. Braden is a member of the Presbyterian Church and an earnest worker. Her kindly Christian character can best be seen in her own home, which is a model of neatness and cheerfulness. Her life is spent, not for her own gratification, but for the comfort of those around her. She is an ardent student, painstaking and ambitious.