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MILLER, Mrs. Annie Jennesa, dress-reformer, born in New Hampshire, 28th January, 1859. She was educated in Boston, Mass. Her maiden name was Annie Jenness, and she traces ANNIE JENNESS MILLER A woman of the century (page 514 crop).jpgANNIE JENNESS MILLER. her ancestry back to that illustrious stock which produced Wendell Phillips and Oliver Wendell Holmes. She is the most prominent of all the leaders in the movement for reform in the matter of woman's dress. Before her marriage she had won considerable fame in Massachusetts as a woman of letters. She is a young and beautiful woman, highly cultured, who has taken up with energy and with a great deal of taste and good judgment the question of dress reform, or "the principles of correct and artistic dressing." She has lectured in all of the leading cities of the United States, to crowded houses, and has been well received, being invited over and over again to the same places. She now lives in Washington, D. C. She is one of the owners of a magazine published in New York and devoted to the aesthetics of physical development and artistic designs for dresses, containing articles by the best writers on all topics of interest to women. She has presented her ideas on dress to large assemblies, and her influence is widely acknowledged. All the progressive and reformatory movements of the day appeal to her and have her sympathy and support. She is the author of " Physical Beauty" and of "Mother and Babe," the latter a work which furnishes information and patterns upon improved plans for mother's and baby's wardrobe. Mrs. Miller's ultimate hope is to establish at the national capitol an institution for physical development and the highest art of self-culture, which shall be under the control 'if able students of anatomy, chemistry and physical science.