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POST, Mrs. Caroline Lathrop, poet and author, born in Ashford, Conn., in 1824. Her ancestry runs back to the New England Puritans. In her youth her family removed to Hartford, Conn. After her marriage she lived for some years in Pittsfield, Mass., after which she lived in Springfield, Ill., for twenty-five years. In that town she did the greater and the better part of her work. CAROLINE LATHROP POST A woman of the century (page 594 crop).jpgCAROLINE LATHROP POST. She has written verse since her childhood days. At the age of seven years she was a rhymer, and at the age of twelve she was the possessor of a mass of manuscript of her own making. She had concealed her practice of rhyming and was so mortified, when her older sister discovered her work, that she thrust her productions into the fire. She continued to write verses all through her school-days, and in 1846 her poems were being published in the "Sunday Magazine," the "Advance," the "Golden Rule," "Life and Light," the "Floral World " and many other periodicals. She has written in prose a series of leaflets for the Woman's Board of Missions. She has been an unobtrusive and diligent worker in various lines. Her husband, C. R. Post, to whom she was married in 1862, was a business man in Springfield. He has encouraged her in all her good works. They have three sons, two of whom are engaged in business in Fort Worth, Tex., where Mrs. Post now makes her home. She has of late years done some writing, but she no longer wields her pen regularly.