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LINN, Mrs. Edith Willis, poet, born in New York, N. Y., 19th February, 1865. EDITH WILLIS LINN A woman of the century (page 473 crop).jpgEDITH WILLIS LINN. She is a daughter of Dr. Frederic L. H. Willis, who is a member of the family of the late N. P. Willis, and who formerly practiced medicine in New York. Her mother is Love M. Willis, who was quite well known some years ago as a writer of juvenile stories. Both parents are inclined to literature, and the daughter inherited a double share of the literary gift. When Edith was six years old, the family went to Glenora, on Seneca Lake, for the summers, and to Boston, Mass., for the winters. In Boston she was educated in private schools until she was eighteen years old, after which her education was conducted by private tutors. In 1886 she became the wife of Dr. S. H. Linn. She has two sons. She has traveled in Europe and through the United States since her marriage. Since her eleventh year she has preserved all her compositions, and the number is nearly four-hundred. She has written very little in prose, a few short stories descriptive of nature. Mrs. Linn is proficient in French, German and English literature and music. She has contributed to the "Christian Register," the "Cottage Hearth," the "Christian Union," the Boston "Transcript," "Godey's Lady's Book," "Peterson's Magazine," the "Kew Moon," the "Century" and other prominent periodicals. She has published one volume of "Poems" (Buffalo, 1891). Her home is in Rochester, N. Y.