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Woman of the Century/Elizabeth Cameron

ELIZABETH CAMERON.jpgELIZABETH CAMERON. CAMERON, Mrs. Elizabeth, editor, born in Niagara, Out., Can., 8th March, 1851. Her maiden name was Millar. Her early years were passed in Montreal and Kingston, and afterwards in London, Canada, where she became the wife, 30th September, 1869, of John Cameron, founder and conductor of the London "Ontario Advertiser." In that city she now resides. Educated in private and public schools, Mrs. Cameron has always been an insatiable, but discriminating, reader. Her acquaintance with general literature is large, and she has established several reading clubs for women. She is strongly interested in temperance work, is superintendent of the franchise department of the London Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and is wholly of the opinion that the monster intemperance will never be overthrown permanently till women are allowed to vote. She conducts, with the cooperation of Miss Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald, a monthly paper, "Wives and Daughters," which has a large circulation in the United States as well as in Canada. As presiding genius of that journal, her mission has lnen and is to stimulate women to become, not only housekeepers in the highest sense, but to be better furnished mentally by systematic good reading, more intelligent as mothers, well informed concerning the chief wants of the day, and thoroughly equipped intellectually and spiritually for all the duties of womanhood.