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AVANN. Mrs. Ella H. Brockway, educator, born in Newaygo, Mich., 20th May, 1853. Her father, the Rev. G. W. Hoag, born in Charlotte, ELLA H. BKOCKWAY AVANN.jpgELLA H. BKOCKWAY AVANN. Vt., was of Quaker parentage and a pioneer in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Michigan, having gone to that State in boyhood. Her mother, Elizabeth Bruce Hoag, from Rochester, N. Y.. was gifted with pen and v#ice, and was a high official in the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of her church. At the age of twelve Ella went to Albion College, Albion, Mich., and was graduated in 1871. In 1873 she was married to L. Hamline Brock way, of Albion, where they lived for fifteen years, when his election as county clerk caused their removal to Marshall. Mr. Brockway died in August, 1887, and Mrs. Brockway with her son, Bruce, aged twelve, and daughter, Ruth, aged six, returned to Albion. In January, 1889, she became preceptress of the college. In that position she displayed great executive ability. Wise in planning, fertile in resources and energetic in execution, her undertakings were successful. She had great power over the young women of the college and exercised that power without apparent effort She won the friendship of every student, and they all instinctively turned to her for counsel. She had the department of English literature, and also lectured on the history of of music. Her earnestness and enthusiasm were contagious and her classes always became interested in their studies. Her addresses to the young ladies were especially prized. For ten years she was president of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of Albion district. In June, 1891, she resigned her position in Albion College and on 1 ith August was married to the Rev. Joseph M. Avann, of Findlay, Ohio. As a speaker she is pleasing and fascinating. Occasionally she gives a literary address or speaks in behalf of some benevolent cause away from home. She makes frequent contributions to the religious press, and is connected with various literary, social and benevolent societies, holding official positions.