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Woman of the Century/Emelia Benic Serrano

SERRANO, Mme. Emelia Benic, opera singer, was born in Vienna, Austria- Hungary. Her maiden name was Benic. Her father died when she was seven years old. Her mother recognized her musical talent and placed her under the tuition of Prof. Simm, of the Conservatory of Prague. EMELIA BENIC SERRANO A woman of the century (page 651 crop).jpgEMELIA BENIC SERRANO. She finished the course in singing there and then took a course with Lewy Richard in Vienna She then went to Italy to study the Italian language with Bona. She made her debut in Vienna, in concert, with Prof. Richard, and won quick recognition. Berger, the German impresario, engaged her to sing in opera, and in Kiev she made her operatic début, singing in Russian the role of Marguerite in Gounod's "Faust," and the soprano part in Glinka's " Life for the Czar." In Moscow she sang in "Faust" with brilliant success, which she repeated in St. Petersburg and Odessa. She then returned to Vienna and became prima donna of the German Opera Company in the Ring Theater. Later she sang in Milan, Turin, Lesce, Florence, Genoa, Venice, Cagliari, Catania, Berganio and other Italian cities. She next made a successful tour in South America. She revisited Italy, and then went to Central America. In Bogota, Colombia, she founded the Conservatory of St. Cecelia. In Caracas, Venezuela, she gave a series of concerts with Carlos A. Serrano, the pianist, and Ramon G. Osorio, the violinist. The troupe visited other cities and were successful. The climate in that country did not agree with her. and she came to the United States with Sefior Serrano, to whom she was married 3rd May, 1884, in Caracas. She is now living in New York City, where she is giving instruction in vocal music.