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RAYNER, Mrs. Emily C., author and journalist, born in Boston, Mass., 8th March, 1847. She is the only daughter of the late Stephen Bartlett and Eliza Cook Hodgdon, and is of Puritan descent. She was graduated from Ipswich Seminary, EMILY C. RAYNER A woman of the century (page 609 crop).jpgEMILY C. RAYNER. Massachusetts, in 1865, and in 1866 became the wife of Thomas J. Rayner, second son of Thomas Lyle and Eunice L. Rayner, of Boston. Since her marriage Mrs. Rayner has resided in New York City. She was at an early age a contributor to various papers and magazines, but not until 1880 did she join the ranks of the professional writers. Always fond of social life, for which she is, by various accomplishments, particularly adapted, she has enjoyed an intimate association with many prominent Americans, including the late Samuel J. Tilden. Some of the brightest glimpses of the private life and noble character of that statesman can be obtained from her journals, which are a daily record, in many uniform volumes, not only of her own life, but of the important events of the social, dramatic, political, religious and literary world. Those journals are profusely illustrated and are of great value, since the daily record is unbroken for a period of over twenty years. They will probably find a resting place in some public library, as their versatile author has no children to inherit them. She is now in editorial charge of important departments in several leading magazines. Perseverance and power of concentration, joined with inherited ability, have led to her success.