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BATTEY, Mrs. Emily Verdery, journalist, born in Belair, m ar Augusta, Ga.. about the year 1828. She began her career as a journalist soon after the close of the Civil War, writing first for several Georgia newspapers, and traveling and corresponding for the "Ladies Home Gazette " of Atlanta, under the editorial guidance of her brother-in-law, Col. John S. Prather, an ex-con federate cavalry officer. Mrs. Battey went to New York in 1870, securing editorial positions at once on the "Tablet." the "Home Journal" and the "Telegram" and occasionally writing for the "Star," the" Democrat." the "Herald" and "Harper's Magazine." The "Sun." under the management of lion. Amos J. Cummings and Dr. John B. Wood, frequently printed reports, special articles and editorials from Sirs. Battey's facile pen. In 1875 she became a salaried member of the staff of the "Sun," which position she held until 1890. While filling that position Mrs. Battey wrote for several syndicates, as well as special articles for newspapers in various parts of the country, signing various pen-names. She is not and never has been one of those workers who desire to acquire notoriety. Her aim has always be-en to do earnest work, and that work has always been excellent. The story of her career she tells in a lecture "Twenty Years on the Press." Her long experience on the New York press has made her well acquainted with leading women of the world, social, literary, political and religious. No woman knows better than she the history of the founding and progress of the various important women's clubs, guilds, temperance and religion-societies and associations of the United States. The fruit of this wide knowledge has ripened for the delectation of those audiences that have heard her lecture, "The Woman's Century." She is a highly cultured and charming w< >man. Her home is now in Georgia and Alabama, with her relatives of the Verdery family. Childless herse-lf. she has devoted her earnest life to her family ties and the study and assistance of her own sex.