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FLORENCE CARPENTER DIEUDONNÉ.jpgFLORENCE CARPENTER DIEUDONNÉ. DIEUDONNÉ, Mrs. Florence Carpenter, littérateur, born in Stockbridge Falls, Madison county, N.Y., 25th September, 1850. In early life her parents removed to Oshkosh, Wis., where her education was completed. In her writing as a school-girl was discerned exceptional excellence. After her marriage she resided for some years in Minnesota, and during that period published her first poems in the Oshkosh "Times" and "Peterson's Magazine." In 1878 she traveled extensively in Europe, and her descriptive letters, written for the papers of her own and other States, gained for her a reputation. "A Prehistoric Romanza" (Minneapolis, 1882), was the first poem she published in book form. She also wrote several cantatas, the most successful of which was "The Captive Butterfly." for which Prof. J. B. Carpenter composed the music. Her fondness for literary pursuits made her many social engagements burdensome, and her fondness for scientific and historical reading clashed with the attention which she felt it her first duty to give to her home, but by improving spare minutes during the last ten years she has written three prose works and many poems. Her descriptive style is vivid. She is a member of the Woman's National Press Association of Washington, D. C, vice-president of the Short Story Club and founder and president of the Parælia Circle, a conversational and literary order. Mrs. Dieudonné now resides in Washington, D. C.