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Woman of the Century/Florence Collins Porter

PORTER, Mrs. Florence Collins, temperance worker, born in Caribou, Me., 14th August, 1853. Her father, Hon. Samuel W. Collins, was one of the early pioneers of Aroostook county. Her early surroundings were those incidental to a new country. FLORENCE COLLINS PORTER A woman of the century (page 593 crop).jpgFLORENCE COLLINS PORTER. In November, 1873, she became the wife of Charles W. Porter, a Congregational clergyman. Besides the pastorate in Caribou, her husband has also a church in Old Town and Winthrop, their present home. Her interests have been longer identified with Caribou, for not only were her girlhood days spent there, but ten years also of her married life. At about fifteen years of age she began to write for the newspapers and periodicals. Since then she has done more or less journalistic work and has also contributed short sketches and stories to various publications. During the last five years she has been interested in public temperance reform, with good success as a lecturer. She first came into public work upon the platform through her husband's encouragement, influence and cooperation. At the formation of the Non-partisan Woman's Christian Temperance Union, in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889, she was chosen national secretary of literature and press-work. In that capacity she is now actively engaged, with plenty of work to do and widening possibilities.