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ROBERTSON, Mrs. Georgia Trowbridge, educator and author, born in Solon, Ohio, 2nd August, 1852. The ancestry of Mrs. Robertson's mother, Lavinia Phelps Missel, reaches back to the Guelphs. That of her father, Henry Trowbridge, is recorded in the "Herald's Visitation" as holding Trowbridge Castle, Devonshire, in the time of Edward First in the thirteenth century. The name Trowbridge is also frequently found in Revolutionary annals. During her girlhood Mrs. Robertson imbibed much of the honest, earnest thought of the New England settlers, among whom her early years were spent. At fifteen she became a GEORGIA TROWBRIDGE ROBERTSON A woman of the century (page 623 crop).jpgGEORGIA TROWBRIDGE ROBERTSON. teacher in the Ledge district of Twinsburgh, Ohio, and two years later passed to wider fields of action, teaching in the graded schools and attending Hiram College. During her life as student and teacher she published various essays and poems. Her writings trended from the first in the direction of ethics, philosophy and nature. In 1875 she became the wife of George A. Robertson, an alumnus of Hiram College and a well-known journalist of Cleveland, Ohio. For several years she was an invalid. She recovered her health and is again at work, thinking and writing in the line of social and divine science. She is actively connected with the Ohio Woman's Press Association and various historical, literary, art and social organizations in her city. Her work is sometimes anonymous, but is known over her signature, "Marcia."