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GEORGINE CAMPBELL.JPGGEORGINE CAMPBELL. CAMPBELL, Miss Georgine, artist, born in New Orleans, La. She is a daughter of Dr. George W. Campbell, a descendant of the distinguished Scotch family of that name. Her father was one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the South, and the family have been prominent social leaders of New Orleans for many generations. Miss Campbell passed her early childhood in New Orleans, going thence to Paris. In that city the Louvre headed the list of attractions for her, and frequenters of tile galleries were often surprised to see a little girl pulling her staid "bonne" by the hand to where some masterpiece was hanging, and standing in admiration before it. She spent several years of study in Paris. Loving her art as she does, she could but make it a success, and when, after the death of her father, the family suffered reverses, she used as a profession the art to which she had devoted herself as a pleasure. She made portraiture a specialty and her genius was soon recognized. Among her sitters have been many of the most prominent men and women of the country. She is now one of the successful artists of New York City, where her home and studio are. It is an indescribable touch of life in her pictures that has won for Miss Campbell her laurels. She has received favorable mention on several occasions when her pictures have been exhibited, and in the World's Fair in New Orleans in 1883 and 1884 she received the blue ribbon.